Thursday, April 13, 2017

K is for...

My theme for this year's a-z challenge is off the top of my head-the first musical group to pop into my head...not necessarily my favorite, just the first to show itself.

My cousin was a huge fan. I admit that the makeup, and Gene Simmons in general, just sort of creeped me out. Yet here we are. Maybe I just didn't understand KISS, or even the simplest and most obvious of their lyrics. Case in point? I want to rock and roll all night...and PART of every day. Yes, I thought they were claiming to be such avid rockers that the fun could not be contained in just one night, but rather carried over into the next day, but just a portion of it.

Maybe it is best if we pretend I did not just admit that and move on to a different song...


  1. I first saw Kiss on the television set when I was probably 7. Deep into the 70's, my brother and I were left unattended in my parents master bedroom while they had friends over. Over Stouffer's French bread pizza, we found a movie with Kiss in it and we were mesmerized. I feel like this comment could become a great blog post. I need to also find the name of that movie and watch the hell out of it again.

  2. I was never a fan of Kiss at all. I didn't mind Ace's solo 'Back in the NY Groove' song though.

  3. Good song, but not my favorite.
    I'm partial to Rags.
    The make-up, the gimmick worked, but it is weird.

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