Friday, April 7, 2017

F is for...

My theme for this year's a-z challenge is off the top of my head-the first musical group to pop into my head...not necessarily my favorite, just the first to show itself.

I was eight years old, singing some Hot Blooded, on the school playground..."Check it and see, I got a fever 103". There might have been an inkling that the song had implications of people playing doctor, but I am certain that had no idea what that actually meant. Then Urgent, Cold as Ice, Head Games - so much angst!

The first Foreigner album I owned was 4. Remember how the covers from vinyls gave you something substantial to hold onto? I used to pour over those covers, reading every bit, and hoping the inner sleeves had the lyrics printed on them. This right here is the Foreigner song I want to fill my ears with at this moment.


  1. There are quite a few Foreigner songs that I really love. Head Games was always a fave, I want to know what love is still makes me get teary eyed. Urgent's really good.

  2. I took my brother to his first concert and it was Foreigner and Styx. Good times