Tuesday, April 4, 2017

C is for...

...(the) Cars
My theme for this year's a-z challenge is off the top of my head-the first musical group to pop into my head...not necessarily my favorite, just the first to show itself.

I didn't have a particular song in mind when "The Cars" came flying out of my mouth for the letter C, just the image of Ric Ocasek. So many fun tunes to sing along to, whether one could figure out the correct lyrics or not. I pulled up the song list for the album with the lady at the steering wheel on the cover to see if I could confirm that it was the one I had, and just like that, my mind very quickly played each song on the list. That was the one-for sure.


  1. Being from the Boston area they were super popular around here. I think everyone I know had the first album, myself included!

  2. that was THE band to listen to in college. Very tight and so dead pan. I admit I saw them in concert and they appeared bored and ready to go. Not stellar live.

  3. Awesome band!

    Co-Host, 2017 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge