Friday, May 27, 2016

Star Struck

Do I have exciting news? Well, let's see...I was so excited to have my boy home from college last week that I forgot to let you know I got a haircut! 
That is pretty thrilling, I mean I'm not doing cartwheels like some weirdos, but am still pretty enthused (and exhausted).

You know how uncomfortable I am in the spotlight...
Yes Foz, that is what everyone has been thinking.
Well, I am going to share my Friday space this week with some new celebrities I happen to know. Ellen took care of the interviewing responsibilities this week, but I am hoping I get a chance to chat with them myself when they come to town next. I'll have to work on my dancing, of course.

Check out Pearl on Instagram at that_girl_pearl 
The rest of the gang is there too at twodogsnamedpeter


  1. Teary eyed. I just adore Ellen. She's a wonderful person.

  2. Fozzie!!! I got my hairs cut this week too!!!


  3. You mean Fozzie is home from college, right? What's his major? I love the video about Pearl. My son is big on helping bulldogs and has rescued quite a few.


  4. Awwwwww, that clip is AWESOME! How great is that. Those lemonade kids were amazing. Yay, Pearl! And speaking of clips, Fozzie, you look beautiful, dah-ling!