Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Random backlog!

It was as if the fairies that rule over the land of random knew I was busy with the a-z challenge, so they decided to taunt me with odd bits here and there in an attempt to distract me from my singing. Then again, I suppose just about anybody wouldn't mind keeping me away from my solos. I was going to unload all of the stuff on my phone and camera at once, in one grand return of the random post, but I was afraid that there were some gems that might get lost in that shuffle, so I tried to make two categories. (Of course, because that is how OCD works, we can't just go posting stuff willy nilly…Order! Order, I say!) This week we will begin with that which is truly random. I am not even going to try to put the photos in any kind of order that makes sense! Chaos reigns!

For when I decide my peanut m&m therapy might not be quite enough...
…those are some high expectations to put on a bargain priced item. Seriously, finding the numbers for that flower seems a little maddening.

What was this item?!?!?!?! 
Big seller whatever it was, as the rack was empty. It hit all of the key points, most importantly polyester!

I am fairly certain that this photo will not do this item justice, but I have to try. My friend and I decided we should eat lunch outside one fine day in mid April. We went to the nearest park, and promptly sat at the picnic table area in the shade where it was chilly. This woman had on earbuds and was singing AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS while swinging by herself. That behind her across the street? Oh, that's a funeral going on. 
She eventually got IN HER CAR to leave, which for some reason, made me laugh even harder. She hadn't stumbled upon the swing. This was a thought out mission to go swing and sing, despite whatever might be going on at the cemetery. Never mind that the grounds crew was there tending to the park and playground. We left when a lawnmower blasted a rock, that luckily hit the metal table near us, but still sounded like a shot. 

So apparently all prison paint is not created equally according to my new friends at the DMV. (I was there three times in ten days…hold me. My daughter got her learners' permit…hold me tighter.) I had to turn my plates in because this...
 …could actually be lifted to this...
My other plate was even worse as much had fallen off already.

This one is making me crazy (crazier). Were any of you having trouble with the portability of m&m's? Were those flexible bags difficult for you to bring "on-the-go"?
Well, if so, now you can purchase a plastic container for over $3 that holds less than half the amount of candy as the $2.89 bag. Even Red looks disgusted with the idea! So I suppose these are resealable, but then where is my excuse for finishing the bag…whatever size?

One more. Is Precious Moments an appropriate tribute to John Wayne?
Nothing says "True Grit" like porcelain!

O…M…G…The barn swallows are out frolicking on my front porch right this second! I just got up and pounded my fists on the window to remind them that crazy lives here! Do we need the links to the past five years of barn swallow battles? How about just this one, two, three part series from 2010! (2015 was a four part series, but we're already in pretty deep with this lengthy post, and things are just getting started I fear.)


  1. Yay! Back to random!!!
    Although I did really love the A to Z stuff.

  2. random musings that cracked me up. I love the lady on the swing - can totally picture it and good for her. Crazy town indeed - we fight doves (yes, the birds of peace) from trying to nest on our back patio. They are SO messy. Have a good Wednesday! Sing louder

  3. What was the lady on the swing singing? I can't believe your license plate is coming apart like that...but I have to ask, how did it get that crunched? All those trips to the DMV though....you're a champ!

  4. SO much funny going on here! I think the woman scream-singing during the unnoticed funeral was my favorite!


  5. Oh too fun!!! I love the singing lady. Ummm...yeah...so weird. And I wonder what great polyester item you missed out on there??? Great randoms.