Tuesday, May 24, 2016

random return!

First things first…what kind of licorice have you been eating? I hope it was designated for such a purpose.
Not to be confused with that shoelace licorice, despite the fact that I eat that kind as well.

Apparently recliner chairs with pocket pouches on the sides are both stylish and invaluable for college students to keep things handy...
…or for when that garbage can is alllll the way across that huge room. (It was much better than finding all of those wrappers on the floor though I must say.) 

Yes, it was time to pack things up. Luckily I had made a couple of trips out to visit my son, so I could grab a few odds and ends to make sure we could fit everything in the final ride home. Just another candy fueled delusion!
That pack of ginger ale? Was it necessary, you ask? Well, it was quite a thing seeing the kids trying to use up the last of their debit money since it does not carry over year to year. Beverages seem practical since they will certainly get used and not spoil quickly…that is until you are trying to cram three 12-packs of Snapple, one 24-pack of Arizona fruit punch, a case of glass soda bottles and that there ginger ale into an already tightly packed tetris game of a car. 

That bed in a bag set packed so nicely on the way to school, and then apparently exploded over the course of two semesters into something that could barely be contained.
He obviously absconded with a new pillow every time he came home to visit.

Back to the food debit. We made one final run to the campus store to use up the last fifty dollars. The prices were ridiculously expensive, but the alternative was to walk out empty handed and still out the money. How about...
Yes! And if they didn't fit in the car, I'd have stood outside stuffing them in my face!

I have so many other tales I want to tell. Heck, I even have photos to go with them! Now I just need to find some discipline to sit down, and STAY seated…stop checking the mail that hasn't come yet, stop trying to find out those final two grades that haven't been posted yet, stop obsessing over what kind of cupcakes to make for a wedding reception next month and just try some out already, stop thinking about things to do and just do them…stop worrying about things that aren't even mine to do and wait for them to happen…and for crying out loud, clean the house!!!! 

Note: Yesterday I was here without a car, clearly no way to escape housework. I so despised the idea of cleaning the house that I listed things on ebay…how I loathe gathering the motivation to put things on ebay, and how obsessed I get with checking for bidders. 
THEN I got so wrapped in up in my cousin and his fiancé being on the Ellen show (taped yesterday, airs today) - for reals, that's them* - that I forgot about ebay until I got an email this morning that something sold. Even my distractions have distractions!

Wheeeeeeeeeee……..la la la!
(Man I felt like I was on point with that cartwheel. I did not review the photo because I knew there was NO way I was getting a second chance.)

*Let's come back to them and give them their own post sometime, shall we? There is plenty to add to what Ellen was able to fit on her show. Plus, they are adorable!


  1. Dude. You are ALL over the random place today. I just spent 10 minutes trying to figure out when Ellen airs. I never watch TV and have no idea how to figure this crap out. With the world of the interwebs, how can it be so hard to do? I feel like an utter failure...


  2. crazy fun and very random. You can't clean house until he gets all of that stuff unloaded from the car and organized. Plus Memorial Weekend is coming up, and everyone will be messing things up (that's my excuse). I love licorice and donuts and ....gotta go raid the fridge.

  3. You can do a cartwheel? I'm impressed. I couldnt' even do it as a kid...I always went down in a crumpled heap. It's funny how everything fits in the car perfectly when you go to school in the fall but it's like a busted can of biscuits at the end of the year?

  4. Sounds like life has been exciting and good! What were they on Ellen for? You know, you could of shipped us some donuts!
    Barbara, blogging at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  5. Distractions for distractions... LOL! Life is insanely busy, eh? Who has time for all the should-have's? That vehicle is ridiculously full, btw. =)

  6. I had a similar debit set-up at my college, years and years ago. And before I left for the summer, I, too, went to the campus store and spent as much as I could. And if Krispy Kremes had been an option, I would have totally loaded up on them. :)

    Fun post!

  7. Your cartwheel is better than I could ever do. I wouldn't dare attempt one now, I'd break a hip. Lol I remember those moving days. My poor old Aunt trying to pack everything I owned into her car and trying to drive the 3 hours home while not being able to see out windows.

  8. Oh my goodness, I don't think my feet would life three inches off the ground. I'm impressed! And really? The Ellen show? That's so awesome!!!! My first kid goes off to college this fall. It's good to know what I have to look forward to. :D