Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Just a flake of random

My daughter and her friend told me that these "clowns" in our spare bedroom were creepy.
Poor Ann and Andy! They may be raggedy, but rarely mistaken for clowns!

Looking for a serving suggestion for angel hair pasta?
Apparently winding it up into mini volcanoes is a plan? Mmm...appetizing!

We have a hanging/inverted snowdrift of sorts that collects near the front porch every winter. (It is way better than the barn swallows.) Yesterday's blizzard started this collection...
We grew more fascinated as the day went on.
Today I had to get a shot of the remaining angle.
How much longer could it possibly hang there? Oops...
And now I must ponder how that part stayed there.

I found a way to get my daughter to eat pancakes...
...and also found a way to "appropriately" satisfy a morning chocolate chip cookie craving!

It's about that time again when I try to restore order to our little section of the universe. I am pretty sure this part of the galaxy has more potential to drive me insane. 
I blame two days of being pretty much snowed in for making this seem like a good idea. I am going to find all of the pieces for the Orient Expedition hot air balloon set from 2003. Stay tuned!

Oh, that reminds me, the roller coaster engineers did manage to make a closed loop. We watched, in awe, and now the pieces are all back in the bin where they will patiently wait to see the light of day once again...hopefully in someone else's home!


  1. Great snow photos! I can enjoy snow now that I know I never have to deal with it again.


  2. I am dreading the storm this weekend. We get snow waves on our roof too.

  3. Those snow drift photos are amazing. I can see how Raggedy Ann and Andy could be mistaken for clowns. But I see them more as scarecrow style and that too is creepy to me.

  4. Clowns?
    I will show them scary clowns.

  5. That snowdrift is amazing! But I'm glad you have the snow and I do not.