Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Some snow came and some single digit weather came...meh. Maybe it was too little, too late. Instead of it making me feel all jolly and festive, I am just cold! There is some joy in fuzzy socks though, I must admit.

It seems as though my husband may have made a resolution to go on the elliptical every day. Go. Him. I too am planning to get back to what was working, what seemed best for me. Yes, I am saying that it is time to stop eating so very many cookies...
 ...and to start reconnecting with pure chocolate. This is a mere sampling of the current snack shack offerings. I may have even cropped this to make it seem less overwhelming. 

"Overwhelming" now there's a word for ya. The holidays may have passed, but in their wake left all of those shards of things that didn't get done because - holidays. The fragments of stuff that weren't terribly appealing when there were actual numerous hours of productive daylight.

Perhaps I do need something beyond the usual. What does this say?
"Iron Goddess"? Well she sounds pretty kickass. Wait, does that say "of mercy"? There is no room for mercy in tackling this to-do list!


  1. There really is joy in fuzzy socks! We were minus 17 yesterday so the fuzzy socks were on duty. And guess what?? I got a lovely surprise in the mail today.....a sweet and not creepy monkey. Thank you! Although he missed this years tree he will definately fold a place of honour on next years tree. I love him. You're the best

  2. Speaking of re-connecting with chocolate, the M and M's are gone.

  3. At least it's going to warm back up to the 50s by the weekend. The past few days were brutal. Did you get much snow? We got about 4" in Bourne.

  4. Hahaha that tea is an oxymoron!
    We woke up this morning, got ready for church, backed the car out of the garage, and it started snowing. We pulled the car back into the garage. We don't drive on snow down here although it isn't sticking. Yet. The Snowmageddon two years ago put snakes in my head!