Friday, January 15, 2016

Foz Flake

I was barely done celebrating the new year, when winter finally came. We went from our regular lawn to about a foot of snow overnight. While I am relieved that the paparazzi lets me conduct my outdoor business in private, the fact that it waits just inside the sliding glass door for my return is a bit unsettling at times. So I like to stick my face in nearby snow once I have found the perfect spot? Big deal. This is nothing new, and therefore I fail to comprehend why we still need documentation of such.

Go ahead, try to show the people my snowy face. 
Whoops, too slow.
 Profile wasn't what you were after?
 Sheesh! Blurry is your fault this time.
 Do you even know where I am standing?
Seriously, are you going to get me a towel or anything?


  1. Aw Foz! Wow you guys got more snow than we did. It was a dusting down here.

  2. Lol. Abby likes to dive head first into snow piles.

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