Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Discounted random

See that button right there on the left? The a-z is coming again this April! I found my "runner up theme" index card from last year with half of the letters filled in, so I have no excuses...other than possibly not being able to fill in the other half!

The Lego organizing project attracted some more participants!
They decided to sort all of the direction booklets, which then led to wanting to build long lost and loved sets. This would have been a nice pairing with my color sorting attempt if we had been able to actually find the pieces in the new system. The effort started to feel fairly futile when all of the hard work to make sense of the situation did not yield the desired results. It was even more maddening that we could find every single last one of the smallest bricks made, but not the three inch square large piece. We are taking a breather from this project now. I am sure they plan to put away the stacks of directions they made...in due time.

In a slightly related story, I have found a new trail mix that I quite enjoy...
...I made it myself, and regardless of what path you are on, I highly recommend it!

Sure, I also dabble in the every day, plain old snack mix (oddly, when I do not feel as nutty). I was pretty excited to find this awesome sale on one of my favorite ingredients...
...the sale is good thru late next week if any of you want to save big as well.

Be careful when you head out though, as far as where you park!
Hmmm...that is some very reserved parking.


  1. Wow, that is one heck of a discount!! Hahaha. Almost as funny as your trail mix. I have to steal that parking sign pic and show our police chief.

  2. I love your trail mix. lol Do I spy peach rings? I have never had them but my friend bought a bag when we went to that candy company in Salem last fall. I'll have to get some myself next time. She said they are to die for. Great deal on the craisins too. Love those things!

  3. Nothing hurts worse at 2AM than stepping on a Lego in your bare feet. Or maybe a Barbie stiletto.

    My girls were SO into Legos!

    My girls would have said that organizing Legos is cheating! ;P

  4. Now THAT is a trail mix I can get behind.
    Or in front of.