Friday, November 6, 2015


Just when you thought the costume parade was over..what's that now? You figured there would be more? Yet you did nothing to warn me? Well fine, see if I rush to your rescue, like ever.
No more number one super guy Hong Kong Phooey, we are over it Underdog, never mind where you are Scooby…Super Foz is in the house, well, the yard I guess.
I think "Majestic" is the word you are looking for. Wait, why is she here? Aside from trying to steal my spotlight.
Oh Foz, I was just wondering if you mentioned how that cape was so heavy and cumbersome that you were rendered paralyzed out in the yard. The offer of a treat couldn't even lure you to move a foot or two.
Please leave.
But Foz, our outfits coordinated so nicely! You apparently are not the sidekick I was looking for.
Maybe YOU are not the sidekick I was looking for.