Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Random HELLO

Oh my goodness gracious, hello. As in HELLO. You know, the song that is stuck in my head five out of seven days a week. It is beautiful and haunting…and driving me crazy! I will be going about my business feeling sort of melancholy, and then realize the ear worm is why. I am sorry Lionel Richie, but while I do wonder where you are and want to tell you so much "I love you", Adele has taken your place! 

Here is my grand hello from the college pickup yesterday! I love this picture...
I know that is because this is my kid heading for the car, but it's my random, right?

Sometimes I email myself things I am afraid I will forget...
…"Orange hello"? Well I almost forgot what that was supposed to remind me to do! Thank you very little autocorrect, as that was my reminder to make orange jello!

Now this car?
Just wow! Chick magnet probably doesn't even begin to do it justice. I was so sorry that I didn't have my Princess Leia hairdo rocking that day! I am also sorry that you can't really see the large Darth Vader  strapped in the back seat, facing out the rear window. May the force be with you, indeed!

Speaking of the Dark Side...
This has Barbie looking classier by the minute. "Freak Chic"? That's not exactly how I would put it, but the monster part seems about right.

I tried to go with the flow, Kotex, but now...
…too far, Kotex…TOO FAR! Well this seems like an awkward place to end the post, but I have no idea what could follow this!


  1. Have you seen Miss Piggy sing the Adele song?? LOL I use the notes app on my iphone for reminders, grocery list etc. Autocorrect makes it pretty funny sometimes - like orange hello.

  2. I really enjoyed this random post! The tampon though.....I just can't even. I was sitting there pondering Orange Hello for awhile...I should've just kept reading. lol Foz enjoying having your kid home?

  3. Oh my goodness, even autocorrect has Adele on the brain. Seriously, grip it and stick it??? Could they not think of a better tag line? Sheesh. Have a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. Ewwww, the Kotex commercial. Don't you just hate the autocorrect? I try to take the time to make sure it didn't fix something, but sometimes I miss it. Have a really special Thanksgiving Day.