Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Randomly overlooked

Foz, what are you doing here? Your day passed.
No kidding!? How could you snatch away my livelihood? Surely people wondered where I was.
Um, really?
It is possible. Totally. Absolutely possible. Anyway, I am here to file a grievance.
Oh that is certainly what people want to read.
Well, in addition to letting someone decorate me, did either of you share any 20th anniversary celebratory cannolis with me?
That is like 140 years to me. I deserved some dessert! And why is your pinky sticking out like that? It wasn't tea with the queen.
Are you done?
That depends. Did you tell people I am participating in no shave November this year?
I actually haven't had a chance to tell people much of anything since you interrupted. By the way, you look a little rough here at mid-month.

Now that Foz has wandered off to pout elsewhere, let's check back in to see how the battle with the automatic pill dispenser is shaping up...
Unplugged, but I can't help thinking that television remote was involved at some point. The drain basket over the mug seems related as well.

Does anyone else this may not be the best medical breakthrough?

And now, and artsy pose by my mother's cat...
...you probably can't see her though, right?


  1. Happy Anniversary! I can see the cute kitty. I once took a photo of two of our cats sitting on a windowsill behind lace curtains. They looked like ghost cats.


  2. Haha! What a fun post! And happy 20th!! You look so happy in the picture. I love it! :)

  3. Well Foz, I noticed you were missing. And I am shocked and appalled that they did not share their cannoli with you. Disgraceful! Since I see a cord attached to the pill dispenser, should it really be in the sink?? ;)

  4. Fun with Foz...we always wonder what our dogs are thinking.

  5. Happy anniversary! And Foz, you know you can't have the chocolate in the cannolis!

  6. Happy Anniversary!!! I hope y'all had a fun celebration. Thanks for updating us on the festivities, Foz!