Tuesday, November 10, 2015


*Really and truly running out of names for these Tuesday things

Tomorrow I will have been married to this guy for twenty years...
…yet somehow when he does things like walk in the mall with sunglasses on, I think  to myself "Who the hell are you and what are you thinking?"

The Elf on the shelf is making his way back, right along side all of the other Christmas flair that has arrived far too early. Now scores of children can rejoice and smile because they too can now feel the joy of the creepy elf. Yes, the wait is over, here he is...
…you're welcome Judaism.

Just a little something I took a picture of to text to my son...
…maybe that is not better than a sad face emoticon that says "I miss you"?

Speaking of things that were missing, I m not sure how many times I looked in this drawer last week before going out to buy a new seam ripper. (I have convinced myself that I am a crafting goddess these days, but that is a tale for another post.) I opened the drawer to look for something else yesterday, and the first thing I saw...
 …right there with the blue end, someone decided to quit hiding my stuff to make me go crazy and put back the seam ripper. I am certain that is what must have happened!

And speaking of things that cannot be explained...
…are you looking for an explanation? Did I not just say there wasn't one? I guess there is a theory at least. That round thing is my grandmother's pill dispenser, and it has an alarm that sounds when she is supposed to get her pills out of the magic delivery door. Sometimes the alarm is a bit, well, alarming, and she may forget how to make it stop. I didn't think unplugging the clock next to it, flipping it over and offering it a jar of teabags would help, but what do I know? (This falls under the "laugh so we don't cry" category, as opposed to the "I am a terrible granddaughter" category.)


  1. Mensh on a bench?? What is happening?? Ok, is it wrong that I laughed out loud about the pill dispenser? And happy anniversary!

  2. What? An electric pill dispenser? Crazy. My grandson enjoys elf on a shelf, and I'm just not ready for Christmas decor as yet.

  3. Mensch on a bench. Wow. I just....wow. Happy 20th anniversary!!!!!!

  4. Aww Happy Anniversary!!
    And seriously, mensch on a bench?
    What has happened to us as a society?

  5. Mensch on a Bench? I have a friend who would love that!!!

    And I know that you had a great anniversary with that handsome fella...