Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Random intermission*...

*I realize that "intermission" would suggest that we are in the middle of some grand performance, which seems wrong since this blog is in more of a dry spell than anything else. 

How about some music, would that make an intermission seem more appropriate? How about something from my son's final orchestra concert? (This was absolutely worth its own post, but I am trying to limit each day's tears for the next few weeks.)
One more song, for those of you who already saw the previous one on Facebook? (Yes, we will bring a tripod from now on, as I think my videographer's arms got tired by this last song.)
It has been awesome to be a part of it! 'Nuff said. (Not really, but like I said about the whole crying thing.)

Now, go ahead and have yourself a snack…
It says "bloggers" right on the bag, who are we to argue?
…while I try to gather my thoughts about the barn swallows. Actually, my thoughts are pretty much gathered, in that I do not like the barn swallows, but I need to focus long enough to put my feelings into more words…that make sense when read in sentences, and coordinate with the photos I have taken.


  1. Is he graduating from high school? That's quite a good orchestra, and I love the song selection. It brings a tear to my eye. Willy Dunne Wooters had never seen The Sopranos. I insisted he had to watch it. We saw the final episode last night. The Journey song is playing when the show ends. I've been through two high school graduations. Both were so emotional. I think I was more worked up about it than the kids were. Favorite Young Man's final jazz band performance really got to me. Oh, I just listened to the second video. They are great. Barn swallows are annoying. When I lived in Illinois, we couldn't leave our garage open for more than an instant because they flew in to build nests. When they couldn't get in the garage, they built nests on the light by the front door. They made such a mess--kind of like kids. One year X went to knock down their nest and discovered just in time that babies were in it. From then on, we let them build nests at the front door. They were our only visitors, anyway.


  2. First, I'm sorry to inform you that the crying doesn't stop after graduation. In fact, I think it gets worse. Second, I also hate barn swallows. They kept building nests in the wreath on my front door.....until I sprinkled it with cayenne pepper. Perhaps that information will be useful to you in some way.

  3. Awww.
    I feel ya, friend.
    Here is a tissue.
    It is used because my daughter just finished her freshman year but its all good because we are among friends here.