Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Once again I find myself to be the only one out of bed, let alone awake, early on this fine Mother's Day morning. This does not mean that my visions of breakfast in bed are dashed, as I know where the toaster is, and could easily walk back up the stairs. 

So much pressure associated with today. It's like trying to pick three wishes from a genie. Do I want ultimate control of the television, despite my inability to work the remote control? Maybe less eye rolling and sighing? I could try to cash in these coupons my son gave me several years ago...
I see no expiration dates. That middle one says "good for silent reading", but I believe at the time it meant he would do the reading, a opposed to not disturbing me when I did mine. I keep wondering what coupons they would think appealed to me now.

Happy Mother's Day! May your days be filled with offers and savings you will cherish always!

Now, turning to my own mother, but what photo opportunities are left to share once the floating head pose has been taken? And how did they decide whose head would float, thereby rendering the other person envious for eternity? I came across this non-studio captured moment, and it just may suffice. (It may also explain why we had so many "professional" pics if this skill level was the alternative.)
Like a reverse floating head, right?

For those of you who have been hanging around for awhile, and may be anticipating what clashing outfits my mother and I accidentally wore recently, I am almost sorry to announce that we may have learned our lesson. I wore solid gray the last time I anticipated a photo.
My grandmother, in the middle, stayed away from patterns as well! OK, now looking at these two pictures, is my mother messing with the time space continuum and not aging? I love you, mom! Next year, we are going back to the Sears photo studio…either that or we go next week, since I forgot the plan to do it for this year!


  1. I hope you have a nice day today. :)

  2. Never mind the quality of the photos, you mom is beautiful at any age! Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Happy Mothers Day. Those coupons are so cute

  4. Lovely photos! Glad you had a Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Hope you had a great Mother's Day! I love the should totally use them!

  6. Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day! Mine was great and happily spent offline which was A-OK by me. :)

  7. Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day! Mine was great and happily spent offline which was A-OK by me. :)