Friday, August 29, 2014

Week 13 - The Fun is in FUNKO!

Will week 13 of the contest be a lucky one for me? 

I went on my fair share of quests for my two kids…the hard to find Rescue Hero, the newest and cutest Littlest Pet Shop critter. There was adventure and suspense for this collector. Now that most of the toys have been packed away, I sort of missed the thrill of the chase, a bit melancholy and lonely without action figures and other miniatures to keep me company. Then – POP! Who on earth were these funky friends?

It started simply enough when we caught a glimpse of Miss Piggy sitting alone on some random shelf at a toy store. I could not leave her there amongst none of her Muppet pals, so we brought her home and promised to find her Kermie. My teenage son soon spotted some superheroes, and invited Captain America and Iron Man to join his shelf of wonders. He had never really been much for the world of these characters on the screen, but something about their Pop Vinyl forms spoke to him. I believe the Elf came next, completely brightening my day when I felt that whole crazy felt made guy was too childish for my teens, the Pop Vinyl one took things to a much more hip level!

I had no idea of the world we were stumbling into…so many, so funny. One innocent google search and we were in awe of the possibilities. Duck Dynasty Phil was immediately ordered on Amazon. Sure, clicking to order took away a little bit of the fun of searching, but who was I to stop a boy with an Amazon gift card. The announcement made it official: “I think I am going to collect Pop Vinyls.” Decisions, decisions. Would he pick one theme and try to get everyone, or dabble a bit here and there, or buy a large bookcase and shoot the moon?

The holidays were fast approaching so I ordered up a Marty McFly and a MuscleMan. I hadn’t had time to seek out a large selection at a store. I did not want my daughter to feel left out of the madness, so I ordered her the Pooh and Tigger minis. A post-holiday trip to Barnes & Noble revealed where a lot of Pop Vinyls like to hang out. Hooray! Domo Flash, and to Miss Piggy’s relief, Kermie AND Fozzie went into the bag. Mary Poppins just stared at me. She knew I was thinking back to all of those years ago when I played her movie soundtrack on my record player, singing along loudly.  My kids never got hooked on her, sadly, and I couldn’t justify this one selfish purchase for my own self when so many other boxes were calling out to my teenagers. I keep thinking about her sitting there in her supercalifragilisticexpialidocious hat!

Thanks for all of the smiles and the next grand collector phase for this family.

Fun & funky,

So did they POP out a response? Nothing as of yet, but we have still managed to add Dory, Nemo, Skips, Benson, Mordecai, Rigby and Carl Fredrickson to the collection...AND the quest continues!
Some of the gang!
 Zero points, but plenty of fun!
Current total = 30 POINTS


  1. These are weird. Only you. I'm still holding out that you'll get a response!

  2. I'm not really sure what those are, even with the photo. Collecting them sounds like fun, though. The Hurricane still has some of her beanie babies. She and her boyfriend made some joke about an anteater, and he showed up at her door with the beanie baby anteater. She still had hers, so they made the two of them into a gay couple. She also has some lambs in varying attire. She changes their positions occasionally. Sometimes they put their arms around each other and sometimes they're back-to-back. You deserve a gift for that cool letter.


    I can't for the life of me think of....CARL!

  4. I was given a Daryl Dixon last year. He sits on my desk along with a Lego Statue of Liberty that a certain caped crusader sent to make my day...

  5. I've never heard of these....but cute...and ummmm...I can only identify about half of them. I'm in love with Iron Man tho...