Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Just a taste of random

We, and by "we" I mean just Fozzie and me apparently, are running a sleep deprivation study around here. I knew after just one night that my participation was not to have positive effects, and am not interested in finding out how many more days it will take to seal the deal. On the plus side, I suppose I have an excuse for this short bit of random.

I am pleased to show you this...
...which only makes sense if you remember this...
I may have finally convinced the husband that a box of cereal can be a regular weekly purchase, but I have noticed a slight twitch as he sees his options decrease. I am just dazzled by visions of what else I might be able to store on that shelf.

I am not opposed to a nice pizza bubble now and then, except when it happens only on my side of the pizza and sends my toppings cascading down onto the husband's half.



  1. Death to pizza bubbles!

    We only keep two kinds of cereal in the house: Cheerios and Grape-nuts.

  2. If I had the room to store cereal I'd buy more of it but it's just me for 4-5 days a week so it's not really worth it to stock up.

  3. No cereal in my house. I've been cutting back on carbs for quite some time. When I used to buy cereal, I never had more than two kinds because I have two Tupperware cereal containers. And they are real Tupperware. Currently, they hold dog biscuits. I do not approve of sleep deprivation, especially when it's my sleep.


  4. I'm very impressed with your cereal shelf transformation! I'm lucky that the kids prefer only certain cereals so I only have to buy about 4 different kinds, so my shelf is like your 'after' shelf. :) I definitely wouldn't like to experience a pizza bubble, especially when my toppings slide to the opposing side. ;)

    Hope your sleep deprivation study comes to an end so you can rest easy! ;)

  5. Our cereal shelf ends up like that a lot because I tend to pick up a box or two when I go and find some on sale. Or when people eat the box down to the sugary dust in the bottom and stick it back up in the cabinet.

    Bummer pizza avalanches!!

  6. I do like the occasional pizza bubble in the crust, the cheese-less crust. While I applaud you reducing your collection of cereal boxes, that's still an above-average number of cereals to have at one time. How do they not go bad?

  7. Pizza bubble, that's more like Mount Vesuvius!
    Do you need another participant for the sleep deprivation study?

  8. Your pizza looks like a volcano. Your husband wouldn't like my house - just one lonely box of cereal in the cupboard.