Friday, August 15, 2014

Week 11 - Sweets for the sweet

I sure hope the winner of this CONTEST gets candy...lots and lots of candy! Speaking of candy...mmm...candy... 

Dear Jelly Belly Folks,

Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to have for snack. Luckily, with your ever-expanding array of Jelly Belly flavors, I do not have to commit to one thing. In just one handful I can cover several munching bases, as well as some beverages.

We had a little impromptu family bonding activity recently brought on by your beans. My husband passed around some single serving packs, that thankfully had the color-coded key on them. There was much conversation, taunting and trading going on. We initiated new members into the “I tried the buttered popcorn” club. Suffice to say, those now all get passed to me, as I have been assigned to take them for the team. They are much easier to swallow than the lawn clippings one I ate out of a Bean Boozled box years ago. I swear I can still taste that one. I didn’t even have any tutti-fruttis, red apples or cream sodas to wash it down with, and was too afraid of grabbing a vomit one instead. Of course, on Jelly Belly feasting night, my teenage son was wishing we still had that box.

Thank you for providing year round jelly bean joy with your jellies for our bellies.

 Andrea Casarsa

The result? This here letter...

...proof that somebody actually read the one I sent! That's another point for me! My current total is 28.

Stop by the competition...she'll get her post up eventually!


  1. I love their jelly beans but they are too expensive for my budget, which I guess is a good thing!

  2. But didn't they send you a giant box of beans??

  3. I bet you were really hoping for some samples! :) But you did get a real letter that was clearly written just for you. :) Still, free jelly beans would have been better!

  4. I'm up! And those nasty popcorn ones can ruin an entire mouthful. Congrats on the letter!

  5. BTW Jelly Belly is made 10 minutes from where I live.