Sunday, January 19, 2014

Superhero Sunday: Shout Out

There are other superheroes walking around among us who cannot be identified by capes alone, and may actually have powers beyond the cape itself. Many of them are called teachers, striving to make positive differences in the lives of children and young adults.

This is my cousin Jen and me earlier today.
After a 50 minute brisk walk!
She is a third grade teacher downstate, and an excellent sport. She did not bat an eyelash at the idea of wearing the cape, or heading out to walk on a twenty degree morning. Her only request was that she got the black cape.

I appreciate Jen donning the apparel in the name of teachers. I hope to someday meet fellow Central New York native and blogger, Kirby, and share a caped step taking crusade with her as well. She is a teacher in North Carolina. Beginnings of stories seem like a great place to start, so here is the link to where her current mission began...with a coat.


  1. This is so nice! I'm going to trade the coat for a cape (I'm making one tomorrow, on my day off) and I'm going to take some steps (virtually with you)! Thanks so much for the shout-out!

  2. Love the capes. And LOVE the dramatic posing ;)

  3. Awww, you found a sidekick!! Yay! :)

  4. Y'all are too, too cute! It was fifty here today with a very cold 10 MPH wind that made it feel like freezing…I wanted to cry at the barn this afternoon! Yikes, y'all are making me cold looking at you…but then again I didn't have the supermom cape to keep me warm!


  5. I think that those capes look so very cool. Very superhero-ish and dashing, besides. But then I hear Edna from the Incredibles snapping, "No capes!" It makes me giggle.

  6. Not sure if you know but Pat is a High School teacher. I know. It seems weird.

    I'll try and get him to start wearing a cape to school.

  7. You have GOOD friends! I'll be losing all mine Friday at St. Barnabas trivia night. I've got competition issues. Maybe the beer will help?

  8. Two capes are better than one!