Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Let's get some random up in here!

Quick! Before everything in my head thinks it is worthy of its own post. It's bad enough I have to ward off Pedomemon! I certainly can't have all of these other voices and pictures clamoring for more air time as well. Let me just get a piece of candy, provided I can find one, and we'll be on our way...

Perhaps I should also have a sip of this dark red elixir I found in my grandparents basement, circa I cannot even imagine when. Bleah.
My grandmother seems to have made having her basement cleaned out, and restored to whatever splendor she thinks it had, one of her top priorities...for someone else to do. I find the organizational implications of the task alluring, but cannot say that the one area of her house that we don't have to actually look at is as critical to me. Instead, I am more concerned about the cracked wooden toilet seat that pinched my ass when I had to pee today. Ouch! Why is that item not further up on the list?

I am still a bit shaken up about this one, as I have been sleeping on my new mattress for months...
Good to know that if I hear my smoke detector when I am in bed, I should get up and NOT treat my mattress like some sort of lifeboat. the more you know!

And so another quest begins...
I probably don't need to tell you how excited this house is for this movie!

Speaking of things I am excited about, finally, FINALLY there is a tribute to Elvis.
Yeah, that's a precious moment all right.

Now just in case you thought my quests for all things creepy charming were restricted to the coupon section of the paper, check out what I saw right on the shelf of a store. I could reach right out and poke her in the eye fix her bow.
I am having a hard time looking at her right now because I fear she may haunt my dreams for not bringing her home! STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT! She even came with a twin. How on earth did I resist? How much longer until I make them mine? Tune in next week!

Oh, wait, sorry...that was just my daughter using her fallen foxy locks to mess with her brother.

On that note, now that things have literally gone to the toilet...I'm out!


  1. We should probably have a contest to see who is more excited for the Lego movie.

  2. Yeah, I immediately thought of you when I saw the preview.

    And when you end with a picture of a potty, you're really bringing out the class on this blog! ;)

  3. LOL I thought of you when I saw the trailer for the Lego movie……
    We only had pink Legos around here…..the ones that built dream houses and such.
    That Elvis is really cute, I hate to admit. Does that make me a bad person?
    Lovely randomness this week!


  4. Oh we are all beside ourselves waiting for the Lego movie, although I have not seen the mini-figures yet. Now I must go on a hunt!

    Precious Moments is really reaching these days. Remember when they first came out and were so cute? Me neither!

    The eyes of that doll are following me now...

  5. That is so great that there is now an Elvis tribute. It has been a long time coming. I would have thought that someone would create something in the 90s. And then it just never happened. I mean he is responsible for a major shift in music and he played huge role in American culture. So glad there is something.

    Neville @ Electrical Experts