Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sticking with the random

I am a creature of habit. Have I mentioned that? Less than ten times? Sometimes I consider taking a break from posting random thoughts on Tuesdays, but then assume that my days would immediately start to run together and complete anarchy would break out in my brain. 

Let's start out with a wrong that was righted. Someone had two tins of special popcorn that were received as a gift. She shared the first one on the grounds that the second was not to be touched. In perusing the snack shack one afternoon, it was noted that the second tin felt rather light. Not only had it been opened, but 15/16 (give or take a kernel) of it had been eaten. Suspect was questioned, and within twenty-four hours, this peace offering was made...
...only a very quiet mention was made of the missing mini chocolate morsels, as some regular chocolate chips were jammed into the cannoli. All was is trying to be forgiven.

Still working on clearing out some things from my grandparents' basement...
...since apparently nothing has left that house since before the seventies. I will not rest until I find Carole King's Tapestry!

Do you have folks in your house who are unable, or at least unwilling, to replace the empty toilet paper rolls? Apparently my family is taking that one step further...
I am not sure how I missed this stack when it was two boxes high. Someone did have a cold over the weekend and was going through tissues at an alarming rate.

Now, I have to tell you a little story from my trip to the grocery store yesterday. Sadly, I do not have any pictures from the exchange I witnessed. Let me just say that me conducting a photo shoot would not have been the weirdest part of the scene. So this little boy of about four years old was talking to an elderly woman near the salad bar, as he was standing in front of his mother's shopping cart. I was not sure if they all knew each other, and have decided it doesn't matter. I see the boy reaching up for the woman's neck line and figure he has some questions about her necklace. How sweet. Her stoop made her an easy height for the little boy to reach. I was momentarily distracted by blueberries, but then heard the boy's mother saying "That is her skin, Buddy." Sure enough, the kid is trying to clutch the woman's neck wrinkles. Oh my gosh! The mother just keeps repeating that it is the woman's skin, as if this is some sort of science exhibit. Of course the elderly woman cannot quite hear, nor understand I would guess, what is being said and done. The mother did get to the part where she suggested the boy let go, but really? Where could that situation have been headed that was going to be a good idea? Time to do some neck toning exercises so I don't have to worry about a preschooler fondling my waddle some day when I am trying to buy bananas.

I am all for winter and its lack of sweatiness and humidity, but I am cold, really cold...that is all.


  1. Oh my god, that poor lady! Bad mommy. Very bad mommy. You know that's one of those moms who gently suggest that the doggy might not like it if you keep yanking on his tail and might he want to let go? Jesus. Get some balls and parent your kid in public! End rant.

  2. Ha! I wonder what the toddler thought her neck was? A fleshy necklace? I love the treasure trove of 8-tracks. Was there a player to go with them? I'm with you on the Random Tuesdays. I don't quite know what to do with myself. Maybe next week we should both do our random and then just link to each other!

  3. Stopping by from Tina's blog! I definitely don't understand why TP is not replaced- especially as the person is sitting there (TMI?) and could very easily multi-task. The tissues made me laugh though.

  4. HAHAHA That's awesome. But thanks for making me feel old when you say you were cleaning out your grandparents' basement and you feature a photo of 8 track tapes. I was kind of expecting a stack of 78s of Benny Goodman music. :D We are fellow minionmates for Tina this year.

  5. We have boxes of tissues all over the house...and what do they use to wipe their nose? Toilet paper.

    Those 8 tracks may be worth something!

    You should have asked for more chocolate as your peace offering! ;-)

  6. OK that had my laughing out loud - the neck wrinkles little ones so precious aren't they ......Hummm are those 8 tracks? Such a creature of habit but I started breaking my habits up I read way to many serial killer books

  7. The tissue tower is epic. Because it must be easier to toss out the old boxes than to pull a tissue from the precarious top box. Also: 2 cannolis is an excellent makeup gift. I'd eat them before a snack gremlin hollows out the cheese inside them and patches up the ends so you don't notice. And the neck wattle fondle is certainly an odd scene to have witnessed. Also, thanks for your comment!

  8. I heart Carole King. She wrote songs for the Monkees. And other stuff, apparently.