Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Oh sweet random!

***Warning: Photos contained are not New year's healthy eating plan approved.***

After that visit from Pedomemom the other day, I thought I would give you a glimpse into what still goes on around here when she steps out. She can't force just any old resolutions on us. We have some standards that can be very tricky to keep up...

I needed to get organized because things were getting so out of hand that there was going to be a fight to the finish, between dust bunnies and candy, to take over our home. Yes, I said candy. Let's take a peek at our holiday haul of candy...
Is that pile more acceptable when I tell you that it accounts for all four of us? No? Well, it was worth a try. Please take note of my new mug that is holding our fabulous candy cane selection. Thank you Misty, but are you sure an okay mother would allow this? Before you answer, let me show you what the candy situation looked like prior to Christmas...
Hmmm...I just realized this is only candy from the community bin in the pantry. Each of the kids has a bowl of Halloween candy that is housed elsewhere in our home. Can you spot the marshmallow egg from Easter? It doesn't mean nobody likes them, it just means I don't want to tell you how many may have been consumed before this one fell to the bottom of the bunch.

Oops, a late entry that did not make it to the holiday haul photo session...

And thank goodness I snuck in a quick trip to Trader Joe's to replenish (and by replenish, I suppose I indicated that we were out of something)...
Seriously though, somebody had to purchase the new Cowboy Bark. It's "ruggedly adventuresome"!

It was also a relief that relatives shared their candy with us, and by shared I mean the four us of took and ate this whole box.
It. Was. Delicious.

Sometimes you have to cleanse your palate. How about a cracker, but not a naked cracker!
There was even some cheese baked between those bacon sheets.

How about some homemade Bang Bang Shrimp?
Goodness gracious me that was tasty! Thanks Karen (I would link to you if you had a blog, I swear I would.) In other tasty news from Karen's kitchen, I closed out my holiday festivities with Rudolph's Tipsy Spritzers...

Was this all a bit much for you? Are you concerned that our cereal box count has been severely depleted to make room for more candy? Fear not! We shall conquer the snack shack. Oh, and when I did take a break today for a salty snack, I found love in the potato chip bag!

Send help toothpaste!

Stacy is going to leave us to deal with our own random for a little while. Go visit to see what she has going on. I will miss the hostess with the mostess, and vow to ramble on in her honor!


  1. Thank you for not offering me any of that stash on Saturday, I would have felt compelled to oblige.

  2. Thank you for making me feel normal about my eating habits this past month. :)

  3. Lord, I would have eaten every last piece of candy in those pictures if they had been in this house! How can you stand the temptation? You must be stronger than Superman to resist!

  4. I hereby approve of the use of that mug. But what will you fill it with in the summer? I have no fear that you will find something suitable.

    Wow, those shrimp DO look good!

  5. Holy cavity creep, Batman! That'sa load of candy! I would be the size of a broad side of a barn if I had all that around! I had a strategy this year to incoming candy 'gifts' - turn them right around and put them out at gatherings and/or include pieces in/on gifts. (Is that considered re-gifting?)

    That shrimp looks yummo!

  6. holy moly candy!
    now I am hungry!

  7. That is a totally acceptable pile of candy for a family of four. And "I'd give up chocolate, but I'm no quitter," is now my new life motto.

  8. A woman after my own heart. I'm no quitter either.

    I found you thru Christian and Pat, and I think I'll stick around.


  9. I think I just got a couple of cavities from reading this.