Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I am going to jump right in because a couple of things happened just as I was sitting down to write this post...

#1 When I reached under the seat to raise my desk chair, some ridiculous sticker flung itself onto my hand, and would not come off with mere soap and water.
You would think that something so sticky would have been unable to remove itself from the chair to begin with. Anyway, now I am peeling little bits off of my hands, recognizing this as just one more reason I wish people would leave my chair where I like it. Bah humbug!

#2 The computer happened to be on cnn.com. This must be the third year month week day in a row  that site has been full of headlines that are just too outrageous to consider, or look away from. I admit to watching 27 year old Frankie Muniz talking about his recent mini-stroke, but viewed no others. No, not even the 90 surgeries creating a human Ken doll.

Moving on...

Our tree is decorated, and the force was with us. However, we seem to have moved to the dark side...

In other holiday news, we did a shift at a Salvation Army kettle at the mall for the third year in a row. This year I took a few minutes to review the information they leave for folks. Here is part of the list of "rules" (sorry for the blur)...

The second one there is my favorite! I guess hypnotism could be effective.

Have no fear! Fozzie can see again after getting his haircut last Friday. Look how thrilled he was...

Lastly, here is part of an email I received yesterday talking about sending me some snacks...
See that list on the right? Clearly they have no idea how this gal defines a snack! I know how to grab myself an apple, and I call that having a piece of fruit...not having a snack!

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  1. And those snacks are GREEN! Snacks are never green, unless they're green M&Ms.

  2. Fozzie is adorable and I love the Star Wars, nothing wrong with going to the dark side!

  3. What! Frankie Muniz had a mini stroke? How do I miss these headlines? Also, awesome ornaments.

  4. Do you have any goo-gone? I keep tons of that stuff in the art studio 'cause it's an artist's best friend next to Viva paper towels and Q-tips!

    Journalists all suck out loud right now unless your name is Jake Tapper. (can I say that on your blog?)

    Fozzie wants to visit Alabama. He's so cute! I want to *play* with him!!!


  5. Love the SW ornaments. I personally like the dark side...

  6. The snack bit made me laugh. My husband and I have that conversation all the time.
    Me: I'm hungry. I want a snack.
    Him: Have an apple.
    Me: ...

  7. Yeah, that "snack" just pretty much looks like dried fruit. You can go buy that in the store. What is the appeal of this delivery service? Is it just for shut ins?