Sunday, December 2, 2012

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 38

Better late than never, and just because I couldn't get my act together should not at all indicate that I was not happy!

There was some snow on the ground this week, and that makes me happy! I am a white Christmas kind of girl and these fleeting moments of flakes give me hope that we will have at least a dusting in a couple of weeks. (Of course it poured all day today, but let's get back to the happy!)

This little guy that my daughter and her friend built made me happy!

I love it when the kids go outside, without being chased, and find something fun to do. Happiness all around!


  1. Hmm, I'm more of a snow-late-Christmas eve and disappear Dec 26 kind of girl!

  2. I love snow. It's the only time I will willingly go out in sub zero temperatures.
    Unfortunately over here, it will snow continually for one day and then we're stuck with dangerous ice for the next month and throwing ice balls, is dangerous business indeed.

  3. I love the first snowfall!! And the first snowman as well, of course. :) And snowy's accessories are of course to die for, dahling.

    I'm just worried it's gonna be TOO white of a Xmas this year. Then again, it's 65 degrees out right now, so not complaining.

  4. Chicago, the land of snowstorms that ruin political careers, has gotten nothing. Intead? It was 75 degrees today.

    Not that I'm complaining.

    But your snowman is pretty darned cute.

  5. I love snow, and it would be awesome if Zane got to make a snowman. Looking at your snowman makes me happy!

  6. Hehehehehehehehe, he's adorable! No snow here. I can make a dustman, though.