Monday, December 10, 2012

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 39

It would make me really happy if I could get myself caught up on blogging, but since that might not be easy to photograph, and is far from happening, let me see what else I have here...

Well, instead of being overwhelmed by the thought of Christmas decorating, I decided to conquer my fears and drag some boxes out. This hutch is certainly not going to land itself in any decorating magazine, but it makes me so happy for so many reasons...

* The dining room set itself belonged to my great-grandparents, who I had the pleasure of knowing for several years. It makes me happy to have this furniture in our home. I have posted this pic before, but will save you the trouble of clicking...

*There are many wedding gifts in the hutch that made me happy to see as I reflected fondly on that day and the gift givers themselves.

*The Christmas plates were passed on to me by a friend of the family, but only nine days of Christmas were accounted for. It made me happy this year when I was reminded that I got a fourth mug, for the missing day, on eBay last year.

* It made me happy that one tidy little corner of my world was neat, orderly and decorated (okay, so maybe I had to crop a little bit of floor clutter out of the photo).

*Looking at the vase on the bottom shelf that is filled with ornaments reminded me of a story from a couple of years ago that also makes me a bittersweet way. You can read it here.

Stop by and visit Leigh, who recently returned from one of the happiest places on earth!


  1. I makes me happy that this china cabinet and the rest of the set originally came to me, your mother, and I was able to pass it to you to make you happy. I makes me happy to see it in your house.

  2. What a beautiful china cabinet! I love that you have a place of honor for the treasures of loved ones. That makes me happy!

  3. :D Your china cabinet looks festively perfect. I'm not doing any more decorating....nope, I'm done! I want to do some fun things, but it has been dreary and stormy (with tornadoes yesterday) lately.....I want some sunshine! Whaaaaaaaaaaa......

    *sorry for immature rant* ;P

  4. Very Christmasy! And soooo much better than my hutch . . . the one you can't even see because my husband uses it for a closet, hanging his suits on there? Yeah, that one. It has all the booze in it, so I don't really need to display it. I just need to GET to it every once in a while!! ;)

    And I LOVE when you forget you got another piece to a collection the year before. I do that every year with my ornaments. They are retired Disney collectables, and I try to buy a couple on ebay every year. Problem is I have all the more common ones, and I refuse to pay the outragous amounts people want for the rare ones (it's a piece of plastic people. It is NOT worth $75!).