Monday, December 17, 2012

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 40

Here is a little something, (well a rather decent sized something actually) that made me happy last week...
Marianne and Julie's book is finally available for purchase! I have been killing time trying to get through a book I bought over a month ago to read while I was waiting for this hot item. (Hmmm...maybe I wrapped a few gifts and did a little shopping while I was waiting, but still it seemed like forever.) Now I am ready to wait on the curb for the smiling amazon box that will have my copy in it! I am trying to finish up my to-do list so I can jump right in.

The idea of bloggers coming together to work on a project makes me happy and all warm inside. The authors can be found at We Band of Mothers and Mothers of Brothers. The fabulous clay artist who makes Mr. Bill look like just a lump of Play-dough, and makes me laugh even harder, can be found at Clay Baboons. I have a sneaking suspicion that the creative genius behind Kirb Appeal also lent a hand with a poised red pen. Blogging relationships are not just mythical fantasies, and I am so happy and thankful for the ones I have made.

One of the few things that can make me even more happy than a good book is a good snack...
...especially when I find something delightful that is practically health food for goodness sake. Dark chocolate? Antioxidants? Low less fat...Yippee! Yes, I have an unopened box on reserve for when my book arrives!

There is more happiness on display over at Leigh's place!


  1. I just posted a similar "things that caused me to smile this week" too - I HAD to reach back and find those things amidst the wash of tears and sorrow.

    I'm with you - I would put away a box of dark chocolate covered raisins! For sure!!! :)

    1. I might have putnamslightly less healthy with fewer antioxidants box of sno caps with them!

  2. Do you know what makes me happy? Surprise t-shirts that arrive in my mail which are coincidentally the EXACT same color as your yummy snacks.

    I cannot thank you enough. By now, I bet you're pretty confident how this comment will end, right?


    Will you marry me?

    1. As long as you don't make me wear an unattractive sky blue dress like that sister wife Alice!

  3. A much-anticipated book *and* a healthy-delicious-nitritious snack all in one post? Be still my little beating heart!!! :D This IS a post after my very own heart.....

    I need to check it out (the book).....I'm way too familiar with a box of Raisinets......


  4. I'm glad you found some happy. I am currently trying to get my happy back. I just happened to stumble upon (ok, intentionally searched for for an upcoming post) one of my favorite SNL skits of all time. And I sat at my desk laughing my head off. It felt good to have that happen again. It feels like it's been a while. HUGS.

  5. It was me. (extra thick envelopes with severalsanta stamps helped as well though!) Oooh can't wait to see which skit!

  6. Raisinets? Obviously a health food! Who knew that you were such a health nut? I'd say that you should eat two boxes to get extra healthy while you read...