Sunday, February 12, 2012

Procrastination weekend wrap-up...

We all kept our schedules cleared yesterday, since the husband was leaving for business (so he said) late this morning. We thought it would be nice to have a carefree day together to enjoy each other's company. I missed the part of the memo indicating that all of said quality time, from the afternoon on, would take place in front of the television. I was afraid to make any sudden movements because something fabulous could've happened at any moment. I grabbed my bag of crocheting fun to show my true commitment to where I sat. I even ventured beyond dishcloths!

There were some good intentions earlier in the day. I did not lounge in bed, and was at the grocery store by 8:30. The husband had somewhere to go as well, so I figured I could try to give the impression that I was not completely lazy. The kids and I ate our doughnuts and bagels upon my return. The powdered sugar delight seemed an appropriate reward for all of that cart pushing and grocery gathering. The husband came home shortly thereafter, and soon wandered off. The next thing we heard were the melodious sounds of the churning elliptical machine mixed with boisterous "shouts" as he "sang" along with his workout tunes. This noise was soon followed by his ultimate power jam, in which the sound of his hands smacking the heck out of the exercise equipment joined in. I got so aggravated. I am sure I was trying to do something downstairs that required serious concentration, like trying to figure out why I had so few steps logged on my pedometer. (Curse those high-waisted pants!)

Luckily, he only lasted an hour on the elliptical. Really? Wow that time really flew from where I was. He was very pleased to announce that he had gone just over seven miles, for the first time, in one hour. Mmm-hmm. We were all impressed by that achievement, as well as the fact that he hadn't passed out from the amount of sweat pouring off of himself. Well, I was off to take a shower (yes, after I went to the grocery store-that is what hats are for...and before he could get in there--he was not done panting and dripping yet).

After I got ready for my day, but before I realized how it was going to be spent, I decided to wander down the hall since I was upstairs. Ah, that writing area I set up for myself. It looked really welcoming from the hallway. However, when I entered, there was a scent I did not immediately recognize. At first I thought maybe it was the smell of a high school gymnasium. It had another distinct aroma about it though, that I finally realized, was guilt...but was it coming from the keyboard on the left, or the elliptical on the right? I did what anyone would do, and got the heck out of there!


  1. LOL! You got out in the nick of time! :-)

  2. LOL! Just in time. Donuts seem like a good reward for grocery shopping. I hate grocery shopping.

  3. Ha! "Curse those High Wasted Pants" Cracks me up. I wear my pedometer everyday and I'm a little fanatical about it. If I get up in the middle of the night for a potty break I have to take it off the night stand and put it on. Yup I do. Lost the thing for the first few hours of today and thought I was going to nut out about it. Gotta have credit for every step!!

  4. Ah, the not-so-sweet smell of's hard to get that one out of your nose. I find blaming someone else sometimes helps.

  5. Hahahahaha, oh, I could hug you! I can sooooo relate to your wicked procrastination skills. I'm very impressed that you actually set up a workstation that is NOT connected to the internet. Oy, so many distractions there. I promised my friend I would write a story as part of a collaboration, and I tell ya, I've been sitting here for two weeks with barely anything to show for it except junk.

    Seven miles?! Whoa! I can't even go one mile on the elliptical before deciding I should reward myself with some chocolate.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. Does the fact that I have yet to sit down at said "workstation" make it less impressive at all? :)

      Dazzle your friends with drawings--they will forgive the lack of text!

  6. Good post. For a little light relief here's a funny about procrastination