Friday, February 10, 2012

Procrastination update...

I don't know if those of you who weren't getting my email responses to your comments get notified when I leave a reply right here on the blog....Anyhow, I am trying that now. I have worked my way back into January. I was originally planning to go back one post, but this chair downstairs is kind of comfy, so why head upstairs when the son will be home in twenty minutes anyway? Plus, I think I forgot to make sure there was ample seating for Fozzie up in my writing lair.

Oh, I went to see the geniuses today! Note to self, next time you are bringing the ipad in for a tech check, close some windows on Safari so your shining bloggy face isn't right there (although I'm pretty sure he put the address right on his itouch, almost positive!). Maybe it wouldn't have hurt to have some knowledge of how many bazillion apps the girl had loaded up as well. He totally didn't look like he believed that I didn't know they were there...until maybe when I fessed up to not knowing that Safari is an app. Plus, every time he typed a letter into the menu bar, I nearly had a panic attack that something absolutely ridiculous was going to pop up! He closed down the open apps, after explaining to my wide eyed gaze of a six year old, that it's like a kitchen counter and if you put too much stuff on it (open) things will start to fall off. Was he not a genius?


  1. I feel like that anytime someone says, "can I drive for a second?" and then takes over my mouse and/or keyboard. LMAO

  2. LMAO Have you thought about maybe using Disqus or IntenseDebate for your comments?

  3. Don't you love the "look" the techs give you when it is an easy fix......I get that at the Apple store allot

    1. The fact that they are barely old enough for working papers doesn't help the sting much!

  4. I am still searching for a tech expert who looks older than twelve, when I do I will be very happy. Still haven't found one yet...

  5. Well, how are we going to learn if nobody will teach us how to do this stuff?