Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Random Valentino


I love Valentine's Day! There, I said it. Wait! Before you leave, it has nothing to do with romance or high expectations. I just love the playfulness and the reminder of giddiness from decades gone by...back before there was drama, and it was just plain silly and fun to have a crush on the one kid in your class who didn't pick his nose. I am a huge fan of heart shapes and candy, so that doesn't hurt either. I dumped a brand new bag of conversation hearts into the bowl today, and I don't even care how picked over they get! I am throwing havoc to the wind on this festive day!

Now let's throw a little random into the mix to make the party complete...

There were new stickers in the butcher case this week...I did not see any selections specifically marked as pet friendly, and was a little surprised to find out that boneless chicken could pose a problem. Maybe bacon is a better choice for your fat old dog?

This sign on the granite desk at the orthodontist's office amused me... They are PROUD to accept these credit cards. They will feel honored if you put $5,000 on whichever credit card in your wallet charges the highest interest. It would fill them with a sense of pride if it takes you eleventy-seven years of minimum payments to make your child uncomfortable for the next two years.

When I read about Glen Campbell having Alzheimers, I had to look closely at the photo of him to jar my memory as to which singer from that era he is. His face looked vaguely familiar, but I didn't really know what he sang. Fast forward a few days to me watching the Grammy awards with the kids, and belting out every single word to Rhinestone Cowboy. I recognized the name of the song when they announced it, but I had no idea it was anywhere in my mental playlist.

I had viewed my bank account online the other day, and one of the number columns looked a little odd, but I thought the ipad was just messing with me, so I didn't think much more about it. This evening the phone rang and my bank's name came up on the caller id. My first thought was that there was no way I was talking to some customer service rep, about how to better manage my funds, on Valentine's Day...unless there was going to be chocolate involved. Then I realized they could be calling me about whatever disaster was brewing in that odd column of zeroes, so I answered the phone..."hello?" and I heard "Andie" in a quick and stern deep voice. Oh my gosh, this was bad--they did not even say "hello" AND they know my nickname.....oh, or it was my brother calling from work (using his desk voice) just to say hello.

I was cruising around on my son's junior high school's website the other day, when I ran across a letter to parents regarding the ninth grade dance. It will take place on June first, but apparently there were some matters they really felt the need to get a jump start on addressing. Here is the section on "Attire for boys":

Boys should wear a button down shirt, dress pants that must be buttoned and zipped and worn appropriately, not sagged down exposing undergarments. Boys should NOT wear velour pants with the matching velour jacket. It is not necessary for the boys to rent a tuxedo. Canes and top hats must be checked in the coatroom.

So many thoughts...

* Thanks for the advice on the buttoning of the pants. Oh, zipping too?

* Can you wear velour pants with a jacket that does not match?

* Will the rabbit be safe in the coatroom?

* Is there a chance in hell that the parents who might've let these rules slide is even glancing at this friendly reminder?

* Back to the velour...I am not convinced I even know what they are talking about!

My husband is out of town on business, so that did crumple my cupid wings just a bit. I hope he can forgive me for the night of reckless abandon I am about to embark on with this incredible guy...

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Uh-oh! That rabbit is cooked!

    Teenagers wear velour?

    I remember Glen Campbell and his Rhinestone Cowboy. That sounded bad, didn't it?

    Happy Valentine's! I'm hopped up on chocolate! I may not sleep for several days!!! Or stop using these: !!!!!

  2. Oh, so much to giggle about.

    I have never seen a sticker warning about what dogs should eat. Someone actually PAID to have those made for the store. What the heck?

    I may be old, but boys still carry top hats and canes? Where do they find them? What the heck?

  3. Velour, what the heck?!? Canes and top hats, what in the what?!? I'm so confused......

    So did you eat the chicken? That has got to be the weirdest thing I've seen yet!!!

  4. Um, oh my goodness. The letter on boys' attire is hilarious. Mostly because you know things happened to spark the need for it. And THANK GOODNESS you have so many months to worry about finding a replacement for the matching velour pants and jacket.

    On a side random note, why do so many blogger blogs refuse to let me comment with my wordpress info? Even after I put it in? *sigh*

    1. I wish that had been the only ridiculous part of the letter...or maybe I don't. I decided to post it in parts so we could really focus on one issue at a time! Ha! I am trying to figure out how to break it to my son that I am not renting him a top hat that he will just have to leave at the coat check anyways!

      I do not understand the mystery of the bloggy comments. I am especially perplexed as to where the ones go for folks who do not have email enabled...it never comes back to tell you it wasn't delivered!

  5. So, the theme for the dance is Puttin on the Ritz? I guess they opted not to go with a jersey shore theme, hence the banning of velour. That is some crazy stuff. And what if they just don't wear undergarments? Would that solve the problem?

    1. Excellent point! I did not see any ban on ribbed white tank tops with a pair of jeans, so that's a swell jersey substitute! Thanks for stopping by! I always enjoy reading your comments at Jen and Dani's places!

  6. Oh, so much to say here...
    First of all, I see no wonkiness (I am late to the game and read your next post first) so something must be working now.
    That said...I am glad you said you loved Valentine's Day. I do too. And it seems like the blogworld is full of people knocking it. Sad.
    The chicken breast/dog warning? Hysterical. I hope you asked the store what the hell that was about.
    That attire for boys thing is HYSTERICAL. I would love to hear what boys have been wearing to their previous dances that brought about this declaration. I kind of love that they have been wearing top hats and tails! But what exactly have they been doing with them that has brought about the coatcheck rule? Cane duels? And what is the deal with the velour suits? You MUST do some research on this and share it with us all!

    1. Luckily our dog is 3 and svelte, so I didn't flip when the hubs gave ha piece of chicken t he other night!

      Maybe magic tricks were breaking out amongst the cane duels. I really do need to investigate this further!

  7. They can probably wear the wife-beater under the button-down shirt that is properly buttoned up and tucked into the properly fastened pants.

    That note from the school is hilarious. There is definitely someone with a kickin' sense of humor in the front office!

  8. I love your blog so much! You are so funny it makes me wonder if you make this stuff up or is it real. Ha! Velour suit, hat & cane. BUT they didn't say anything about velour undergarments did they?

    1. Suffice to say I have no imagination so what I get is what you get! :) must shop for velour boxers this week!

  9. WHAAAAAAT? No velour pants and jackets???? That's a deal breaker right there.

  10. Well, if I read it correctly, you just can't have the matching jacket, no? Obviously we will have to take two sets of pictures--the home outfit and the school outfit!