Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Day After Monday

Aside from knee pain and cookies, there has been a lot of random flying through the air this past week. I could complain about the humidity and eighty degree temperatures intruding on my fall fancy, but I won't...or I just did. As part of an effort to convince myself that fall truly is upon us, I signed up for a super fun looking swap being hosted by Beth at Living a Goddess Life and Miss Angie at My So-Called Chaos...

And now, back to our regularly scheduled random...

It was difficult to assess my knee pain when I got out of bed this morning because I was distracted by various other muscle groups shouting at me. A couple of friends suggested that the knee pain probably has something to do with my getting older. Suffice to say, I promptly removed them from this year's holiday card list.

For fear that it might take me another ten months to get my quasi-exercising act back together, I hopped on the elliptical this morning. (Well, I didn't so much as "hop", as gingerly climb.) When I checked the timer and saw that only six minutes had gone by, I recognized that I hated that beast even more than jogging. I wonder if it has anything to do with the view...
That is our guest room, so think twice before you plan to visit (and give me PLENTY of notice).

I aggravated someone working at the Customer Service
desk at the grocery store yesterday. I did so by being a customer, and asking her for some service. Since the last place I had my sunglasses was when I walked into the store last week, I thought it was a reasonable lost and found to check. The employee I asked did not have to go aisle by aisle on a search for my shades, as the look on her face suggested. In fact, she didn't even have to rummage through some neglected bin, as all lost eye wear was in a special separate tray.. All eye wear except mine, that is. Those are prescription sunglasses, and I just hope that whoever found them, and thought them snazzy enough to keep, is suffering inexplicable headaches from not realizing that they are not plain old lenses.

So I was all talk about getting new tinted windows for my eyes, when this happened to my everyday glasses (the ones I was just recently reunited with)...
Even more hip than a monacle I think. I thought of trying to attach a handle and maybe some feathers, so I could just hold them up like those fancy masks. I abandoned tacky for just tacky glue this morning, and am hoping it sticks.

Remember when Softsoap arrived on the hand washing scene? I thought that was so cool. There have been many varieties of liquid soap since. However, apparently now Softsoap is having an identity crisis...

I was walking in the village the other day, thinking about snacks, as usual. I saw this vending machine in the distance, but then lost my appetite...

Not sure if you know anyone looking for a new place, but am guessing this little gem will still be available this weekend...
I wonder if the neighbors place bets on what odd assortment of stuff may appear in our driveway on any given day.

Well, I cannot blame my stuffy, sneezy and itchy nose completely on the weather today. I am allergic to cats, but let me tell you that meeting...and petting and holding and playing with Penny today was worth every tissue.

Stacy certainly seems to have her hands full these days, but has been kind enough to continue hosting the Tuesday Random Rebellion. Thank you, Stacy! Go visit her to see what is fun and exhausting in her world, and for links to what is making other folks tick.



  1. Awesome guest room! That would help alleviate visits from in laws! The bait vending machine is really gross! I love your random today!!!!

  2. Hehe, love the random. The bait machine, yee-uck! I don't think I'd have much appetite after that. At All.

    I luv customer service. The checker at the grocery the other day threw my wrapped breakfast sausage down after scanning it....then put the juice boxes on top of it....and had the nerve to wonder why I asked her to please go and fetch me a new one.

    Yeesh. Happy. R.T.T.

  3. Love the randoms today!! Customer service has stooped to new lows all the time. It's frightening.

  4. That is quite a unique vending machine. I'm a little embarrassed to admit this but I think I might have been tempted to put some money in just to see what comes out!

  5. Ouch on the glasses, I am with you on the bait- and the kitty is adorable.

  6. CUTE kitty!!

    i am playing in Swapoween too...good times!!

  7. I think you should add a handle and bedazzle the crap out of those glasses!

  8. I'll have to remember that vending machine when I go to dip into the Halloween candy later today!

  9. How could anyone resist that sweet little kitty face--I know I could not--
    Don't worry about exercising--think of all the money you will save on physical therapy!
    I am a brand new follower from About a Mom

    Michele aka MikiHope

  10. I love the kitty. I have never seen a vending machine like that before. Following you from About a Mom