Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Random poutyness!

I am already trying to restore order to our house in the form of organizing random spaces (not necessarily the most offensive ones, mind you), in an attempt to diminish my out of control feelings that are beginning to spiral! I will freely and openly admit that back-to-school time just doesn't thrill me...at all. For starters, it clearly marks the passage of time, and forces me to acknowledge, at least on some level, that my children are in fact getting older. This morning I realized that next summer is the last one before my son and his friends will be driving. Holy moly-peel me off the ceiling! I will also have that moment around 8:00 tomorrow morning, as I pass by a mirror to see if I have gotten all of the tell tale signs that the bus has left off of my face and then...then I will ask that reflection just what the hell she intends to do to justify her existence for the next six hours. Sure there is plenty of stuff I could do around the house (areas that my frenzy of the past two weeks has not hit upon), but the problem is IT WILL BE TOO DAMN QUIET! So I will flee. I made a list of some odds and ends to pick up while we are out today, but I know that I should reserve some grocery store items so that I have somewhere to go.

I made another batch of hot pepper relish yesterday. I had finally gotten rid of all the jars in the first batch since they didn't set. I knew I had done something wrong when I made that round and it bugged me to see all of the jars, so I made them go away (which bothered me as well, but that feeling was fleeting). Imagine my state when the new (and improved and correctly made) trial proved to be setting no more than the last. Oh no! I didn't know which was worse...having more runny relish, or that I had tossed eleven little jars of basically the same stuff?! I brought the case to the basement, where I am not going to check on it for a very long time.

I was not impressed by the state of my sinuses yesterday, so I pretty much sat on the couch reading most of the day, once I left the kitchen. It was really the perfect day to do so, as it rained the entire day and was even a little chilly. However, I felt badly for not being more enthusiastic on the one day of the holiday weekend that we were all home together, as if I was supposed to be organizing some sort of pep rally. I am not sure if I felt better or worse, at first, to know that the children were more than amply entertained without my cheer squad. Eventually I was very happy to just be nearby listening to their laughter.

Since the only relief I seemed to find yesterday was when I was cramming food in my face, I was disappointed that the shelves were not stocked better. Don't get me wrong, I ate four different kinds of cookies and some crunchy salty delights as well, but this...THIS is what I am going to drown all of my sorrows in later today!
S'more Cobbler?!?! Oh my goodness! My super awesome Culinary Quirks friend sent me the link to this must have recipe from Created by Diane. I will be sure to post a photo of the actual results from my newly dubbed "I'm not sure that is what it's supposed to look like" kitchen!

Well, well, well...Stacy has sure had a busy week on her hands, yet is still managing to host the weekly Random Thoughts Rebellion! Thank you very much! Go check her out, and share a kind thought (and a tissue) or two...



  1. Sorry you weren't feeling great yesterday. I hope you feel better soon. The house can never be TOO quiet! I'm not sure what I do all day, but I'm never bored and the house still has plenty of unorganized drawers and closets!

  2. I'm having back to school anxiety. I totally wasn't expecting it. I worry for my 1st grader. that cobblers looks amazing.

  3. If you get your organizing of random spaces done and still want/need something to do, I've got a boatload of random spaces that could use some organizing... ;)

    I had that same runny issue with some wine jelly I made...tossed the first batch, and repeated the runny mode the second time - like you, I stuck it in the root cellar and left it alone...when I pulled it out a month or so later, it was set! I guess some things just need more time. ;)

    I can empathize - I'm not impressed with the state of my sinuses, either. I'm so going to try my hand at making one of those cobblers...could be the miracle cure! :)

    Thanks for rockin' the random rebellion with me - sorry I've been such a sucky hostess as of late! :)

    Toddler Antics & Angst, R.I.P. Nigel 1.0 - Make Way for Nigel 2.0: RTT Rebel

  4. A house is just TOO QUIET without children in it, isn't it! My husband said that very thing to me this weekend when Zane was with his grandmother for a bit.

    I hope that your sinuses get better soon, and that your relish sets. I did not know that relish needed to set--I learn SO much by visiting you!