Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Random Roundup

I would like to say that we are back in the back-to-school swing of things, but any day that starts with my alarm clock at 6:00 a.m. is nothing I will get used to in a week. Even when I do get used to it again, I am fairly certain I still will not like it.

Since fall is my favorite season, I thought it would be nice to get some fresh air. While I will acknowledge the nice breeze, why is it over 80 degrees out? It's shade or bust! Yes, I see the calendar says that autumn officially starts late next week, but I am afraid it might snow by then, so I was hoping to enjoy a low 60's kind of thing. According to the weather website lords, the grand cool down is coming this Thursday. I will check that again in five minutes to see what gives.
Now that the weather has been addressed, we can move on to other equally fascinating random items...

I realized I had lost my primary pair of glasses a few weeks ago, after we returned from visiting family out of town. I checked my purse several times, as well as every other bag I brought, but I could only locate my dress up spectacles. (By "dress up", I mean slightly fancier and far less grungy than my everyday pair.)
Too bad I didn't check the eyeglass case on the counter sooner, but to be fair, just finding the case was part of an hour long counter excavation project. Now I am left wondering if the case was ever even in my purse.

I did a little happy dance after confirming that Charlotte here had built her home on the outside of our bathroom window. I have a relatively inconsistent catch and release program for returning insects to the great outdoors, but she might have been beyond what a Dixie cup and I could've successfully managed. I was much more appreciative of her fabulous web creation from my own side of the glass.

It was a win some you lose some sort of day for spiders here at the homestead, as Charlotte got her very own photo op, while her distant cousin on our deck had his dinner stolen. There is some sort of hierarchy for the bugs I serve and protect that has no set rhyme or reason, so when the grasshopper flung past me and landed near a spider web, I had to take action. I couldn't tell if Hopper had actually landed on the sticky stuff, but then I saw Spidey start to move towards him. I used the extra long match stick I was headed to start the grill with to get Hopper free, and he thanked me by flinging himself right at me...um, no thank you. Seriously, do they have any sense of direction, or ability to go from point A to point B?

I was putting together the wheelbarrow I bought my husband for his birthday (yes, romance is a live and kicking here), when I was met with possibly the worst assembly instructions ever. It started when I didn't see the directions. Luckily, my daughter was the to point them out on the flaps of the box. These are three out of the four different sized screws, so how long do you think each one is?
Apparently not a scale drawing.

I was sorry to learn of the potential damage I have done to my children's brains by letting them watch many years of SpongeBob. Perhaps my lack of ability to string full sentences together some evenings correlates to the afternoons I watch the show with them. One of the articles I read mentioned that a slow moving show, like Caillou, was better for children. Make sure you have a fork nearby to stab yourself to stay awake if you are trying to watch too. I had the opportunity to watch Sesame Street while babysitting last week. What have they done to that beloved show? I know they took flack for having the fast paced clips, but seriously, those story lines do not hold up when blocked all together. I need a little Super Grover to break up the drama of Big Bird turning the grownups into kids. How was I to carry on with my day without the Ladybug Picnic jingle jangling in my head? Oh, I'm not the target audience for that? Moving on...

The house is fairly well picked up, so I could've had you all over here, but I don't have any good snacks ready due, in part, to the lack of success I had with the s'more cobbler. Luckily, Stacy is hosting us all once again this week, and she is even having a Blogiversary giveaway raffle for a whole basket of goodies! Head on over to enter and check out some links to what other randomness bloggers are airing out today.

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  1. Your random had me laughing...I don't know if it is your catch and release program (as opposed to my "catch in a jar and watch you suffocate program", the whole romantic wheelbarrow assembly thing or picturing you sitting on the couch watching Caillou with a fork.

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. That is one cool-looking garden spider! And it's a female, so Charlotte is appropriate. So very awesome!

    Also, I never read the directions on how to put stuff together. It makes life more interesting, and drives my husband crazy!