Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday? Again?

Funny how that happens...a week ends, and just like that, a new one begins! I had visions of blogging myself into oblivion once the kids went back to school, but it didn't really happen. I suppose I should pause here to remind myself that this is only the second full week of school, so there is still time. Wait until you hear what has been keeping me so busy. It's nearly guaranteed to make you more fascinated by me than you already were.

As I have mentioned on at least one other occasion, I tend to throw myself into organization mode when parts of my world seem out of control. On the first day of school, I had removed the folding doors from the back hall closet before my daughter even had her foot on the bus steps. I spent several days purging and painting and prettying that garage entry/laundry room/hallway. It looks super swell now, and the insane collection of board games we own are much more easily visible AND I can walk down the hall without cursing the coats waving at me, running into the closet doors and the despising the general gloom. The only thing I have left to do is hang the wallpaper border that was given to me by my husband over eleven years ago (at least I could still find it). Since the area leading to the garage was so spiffy, the next logical step was to free the garage from whatever was making it also so miserable to walk through.

Eventually I got tired of shuffling my own belongings from column A to column B. My aunt let me help her clean out her garage. It was interesting to see what treasures she was housing; most of which belonged to my cousin. He has WAY more hobbies than I could've imagined, and now I know where to go if I am looking for a two-piece pool cue in a snazzy bag or some skeet and the flinger to fling them. Next, a friend let me come help her clean out part of her basement! You would think that by now I should be the most mentally fit I can be with so much organizing angst out of my system. Wellllll, you see I actually left some scary spaces in my own home. Now the tables have turned a little and I have to actually clean up some items for the sake of general tidiness, and I cannot begin to convince myself that it will be any fun...how disappointing.

Speaking of disappointing, here are some other random things (it is Tuesday) that I have felt some fleeting disappointment about since my last ramblings, and the logic I have employed to feel better about them.

* I might've lost my prescription sunglasses for real this time...as in not just hiding in the house. BUT, now I can justify getting schmancy new ones.

* I absolutely positively realize that I cannot tone my flabby tummy without exercising. BUT, maybe if I did exercise I could continue to eat cookies. (fuzzy logic)

*Wal-Mart kept me on hold for a crazy amount of time when I called searching for the last item on the school supply list. BUT, I used the time to call Target for the same item on a different phone.

*Accepting that I am not ready for the pursuit of my coffee shop dream. BUT, now I don't have to worry about how I was going to be able to do the other things I enjoy while trying to get that off the ground AND I have other dreams too that I haven't talked myself out of yet. (Also, note to self: you do not like coffee.)

*The puss and general surliness that comes from the son when I remind him to practice his viola. BUT, it sounds so awesome once he starts when all I hear from the other room are those incredible strings.

*Finally reaching the end of the book it took me over a month to read, and not liking it. BUT, I have other books!

*Holy cow, I just saw that I have 50 followers (thank you), and then remembered that my aunt and cousin each signed up twice, so I guess it is 48. BUT, I remember wondering if I'd reach 25.

* After a few months without such updates, perhaps the biggest disappointment came in the mail...
Are you kidding me?!?!?! Declining? "GOOD"? I was "GREAT" dammit. All the way down to #34? From #13? I can personally assure you that I used NO more energy than I was earlier in the summer. Oh, you think it might've had something to do with that whole 95 degree thing and my not wanting to melt? Maybe. BUT, we could go all Abe Lincoln and read by candlelight at night to try to regain our deserved status, or just sing songs together, and really bond as a family. (By the way, I asked some of my neighbors about their ranking...well not in so many words...and they didn't get one. So who exactly are my 99 neighbors?)

I hear someone in the snack shack, and goodness knows I can't miss out on that! I do love it that Stacy hosts our Random party every week, but the refreshments are really lame (oooh, unless I win that gift basket!) Thank you Stacy! Gotta run!



  1. I have some 'forced furlough' days coming up, and my plan is to do some cleaning and organizing. At least it was before I read your blog. Now I am exhausted just from reading YOUR organization tales! You are way more disciplined than I am!

  2. Okay I will trade you- you can come get this dump organized (I will keep the dang hoarder in line if I have to put him in the driveway and back over him accidentally 47 times) and I will send my girls to get you organized- they are always telling me it's so much more fun to clean up other peoples stuff.

    P.S. The hoarder is my husband and he goes into my giveaway boxes and puts it back where I had it or hides it in his man room / office. Seriously. I think accidentally mowing him down would be justified and I am willing to risk it. He keeps everything.

    We could be besties, you know, but YOU. DON'T. LIKE. COFFEE. How can that be? Coffee is my lifeforce and I need it more than blood. Which is good because I am highly anemic and loose blood for no known reason. ;)

    Thanks for stopping by, I love your blog and am adding you to my blogroll (I have a horrible memory for this kind of thing and if I keep my faves there I actually come back now and then).

  3. I'm impressed with all your cleaning. I so need to do more.