Monday, May 2, 2011

What do you want? A medal?

My daughter chose to participate in the annual solo festival in our school district this year. There is always a slightly festive feel to the event with all of the various singers and musicians buzzing about. However, seeing as how each student's solo is performed in a classroom, in front of one judge, with the door closed to everyone else (and with no cotton candy or other sidewalk treats to enjoy while we wait in the hall), some of the merriment slips away. I am proud of my daughter for mustering up the courage to hold that violin up and play (while the son stayed home with his viola pretending that junior high students weren't invited).

The information sheet that came home regarding solo fest had a new section this year, with regard to medals. In years past, the kids who performed at a certain level received medals...nothing Olympic, mind you, but a small pin/ribbon/medal type of arrangement that absolutely served its purpose. However, this year, "students earning outstanding excellent or good ratings are eligible to order a medal"...for seven cash "in an envelope with your name and rating on it". I completely understand that these are trying economic times for the schools and especially the arts department, but this seems a little much. I think I had to pay ten dollars for the pleasure of my time standing in the hall, and whatever butterflies my daughter was able to have in her belly to keep her company for the day. I am wondering what kind of medals these will be, as the previously mentioned ones from years past did not look like they should've cost more than three bucks. I think the judge's rating sheet and some sort of certificate printed on some cream card stock would've sufficed. Instead, later this week, we will receive our rating, and then what? DECIDE if we purchase the medal. How big of a troll would I feel like asking if we really had to order one?

I wonder what other feel good tokens of achievement I can purchase. I am thinking about handing out some score cards to people I know, and maybe if they rate me high enough, I can order myself that "Mother of the Year" medal I've had my eye on for the last fourteen years now.

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