Thursday, April 28, 2011

Welcome home!

Ok, in order to help me keep my sanity (and sense of humor), I must share this afternoon's "event". I arrived home from work, and upon entering the house realized how badly I had to pee. I ran into the downstairs bathroom, where I was greeted by a fairly unpleasant situation in the bowl. I shouted some words of dismay to my son, who was having some alone time with the PS3 in the man cave basement. I then flew up the stairs to find a more suitable landing for myself.

When I came back downstairs, I made some further comments to my son about the gifts he had left. He didn't say too much of anything at first, but then suddenly mentioned that he didn't think he'd pooped. I expressed some concern over his uncertainty. I questioned how he thought that could happen without his noticing. My initial glimpse had shown that the "moist butt wipes" had been used (tmi...I know, but relevant to the tale). Since the boy is not usually a fan of those, I inquired further...nope, wasn't him. "Um, but you did use the bathroom? And didn't notice...?" Yikes!

So the culprit was someone who had left AFTER me this morning, and it really doesn't matter who. I mean shit happens, right? Plus, I have already learned that the other adult who lives here is not a magician with a toilet plunger!

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