Tuesday, April 26, 2011

If you give a mom a minute...

Those of you who have read, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, will be able to fully appreciate what happens when I have some down time. If you haven't read the book, stop here and fix that situation either by getting to the library or book store, or by calling your favorite five year old to find out the plot (the Moose or Pig books work fine as well). I know the mouse is intended to remind us of small children with their never ending stream of wants and desires, but even when the kids are at school, there are voices in the house that keep me wandering off task.

Case in point, today I was given five minutes after taking a shower, and I decided that the weather was conducive to letting some fresh air in the place, so I walked into my daughter's room, but the floor was messy...so, I picked it up, but realized the bed wasn't made...so, I went to make it, but the sheets probably weren't very fresh...so, I changed them, but saw across the hall that a similar situation was brewing in the boy's room...so, I changed his sheets too, but when I went to put something in the hamper I noticed that their bathroom was a disaster...so I cleaned it, but somebody needed a new toothbrush...so I went to look for one, but then it looked like it might rain soon...so I thought I should go enjoy some fresh air before that happened, but then the candy on the kitchen counter called me...so, I had some, but then noticed some ads that I had been meaning to put in a blog post...so I am.............................(and for this reason my hair did not get dried in a timely fashion, leaving it to its own ways of poor styling).


I am not sure which set of circumstances is more likely to cause my brain to implode: thinking about the same topic for far too long, or being bombarded by too many random thoughts all at once. Thank goodness for Tuesdays when Random Rules!!! (And thank goodness for Stacy Uncorked for keeping it going!)

Crack Creme? Really? Wow! All the great benefits of crack in an easy rub-on formula? How fantastic can this product actually be if the creators couldn't be bothered to think of a better name?! That Zim is just plain lazy!

So now you can wallpaper your underwear every month? Is that supposed to distract one from cramps? I would like to know what kind of people were in the focus group that green-lighted this concept. Will diapers be going this route soon as well? Will a cute design make poopy diapers less offensive?!

This is what my friend saw, out in plain sight, when she used the bathroom at her sister's house. The kicker is that it was during Easter dinner, so the company was most surely not unexpected. Kind of makes me wonder what she put away before guests came. Maybe she was just trying to spare anyone the embarrassment of having to ask to borrow some anti-itch cream, by leaving it handy for anyone. That tube specifically says that it is "feminine", so I guess male visitors that day were sadly out of luck.

Just trying to keep one step ahead of the delusional, but happy, mob!


  1. AHAHAHA! I have those moments - and love the If you Give a Mouse...books. :) So, did you ever get the fresh air before the rain hit? ;)

    I'm snickering like a 12-year old boy over the crack cream, wallpapered underwear and anti-ich cream...

    Kudos for trying to stay one step ahead of the delusional, but happy mob! And thanks for rebelling with me and rockin' the random! :)

    Easter, Angry Birds - RTT Rebel

  2. Your whole going from room to room with ADHD reminds me of..........me!
    I love your pics - the Crack cream, wow! The "decorated" pads. Yuck! And WHO leaves that cream out????