Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fairly random

Oooh, a fancy new look from a fancy new hostess...Thanks Stacy at Stacy Uncorked !

and now, let the randomness begin...

*There are things that make me laugh as though I am channeling a teenage boy. This comes in very handy when I am hanging out with my thirteen year old son, but makes me feel slightly immature when dealing with the adults in my world. On most occasions I am relieved to find that I am not the only one snickering. My friend was stifling her laughs just as much as I was when we took a pilates yoga class with an older woman who farted every time we changed positions...every time...every single time. The same friend was also willing to take this photo for me during her morning outing. I knew she was headed in the same direction I was when I drove by too quickly to get the shot.
I know some prankster just messed with the letters, but it cracked me (and my inner child) right up. No wonder the egg sandwich is so expensive...I wonder what size they come in?

*I believe that spell check has some value in the world, but what is the deal with the autocorrect? It changed "pilates", in the last paragraph, to "oilseed". Um, that is not even remotely close to where I was headed!

*Why did a non-coffee drinking and no caffeine kind of gal like myself think it would be a good idea to get a part time job in a coffee shop? Maybe it was the same thought process that landed my borderline lactose and high fat content issues self to work at an ice cream stand for twenty summers. Possibly the same fuzzy logic that pointed my germophobe body to work in a preschool for three years? Oh, and is that me out cleaning other people's houses, when the thought of even locating my dust rag at home makes me want to weep? And when I said "sure, I'm flexible as far as when I work"' should I have accounted for the fact that I fall asleep on the couch just after ten o'clock every night? It also might have been a good idea to not only consider what I could do, as far as a schedule was concerned, but perhaps, also what I actually wanted to do. The point here being that this little something for me that I thought might bring some sanity to my life...is driving me insane. Oops. I do have a sneaking suspicion though that there could be some blogs in the making amidst the coffee grounds.

*I was concerned because the were other kids outside playing and my daughter had no interest in joining them. She was having a grand time playing some game on the computer when I left to go out to walk the dog. During my walk, I heard the girls outside yelling for people to come see the dead mouse they'd found in a garage. I was no longer worried about my daughter's choice that day.

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  1. I would have been snickering during that Yoga class, too. I tend to channel my teenage boy self in moments like those too - so you're totally not alone.

    That sign totally cracked me up!

    Eeeek! Dead mouse! :)

    Thanks so much for the awesome shout-out and being a rebel with me! :)

    "My Post" - RTT Rebel

  2. I am the middle-aged woman who farts when I change position--but everyone is warned beforehand. I blame it on my fifty-one year old colon, and my colon doesn't mind.