Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What's the big to-do?

I found myself having some difficulty focusing on any one matter at hand, so I forced pen to paper and made a list of things that needed to get done. Well, sort of...see there were a few things that were just general thoughts of things that should happen. These items are so vague or simple that they are very easy to ignore. The belated birthdays were still on the list, and then I realized one of the gifts had actually been purchased quite some time ago (as in long before the birthday), so it was dug out and now is sitting on the counter. Actually, in an attempt to make some progress, the gift is residing in a box...on the counter.

The items that actually have some importance and true deadlines are the ones not making it to the list, for fear that I will absolutely freak out if I see it all in writing. I have also not written anything obvious on the list. We all know that people need to get fed and that the rest of the mulch needs to be spread. We also need clean clothes, but last night I determined we could make it another day or so? Then, my daughter boycotted the three new clean shirts in her closet and wore something out of her hamper to school today...1. Ick 2. Not a battle I was fighting at 7:30 am.

I just keep spending my ever decreasing free time trying to justify whatever I feel like doing as a potential list item. Oh, I also spend a lot of time eating cookies. I did not see it written anywhere that I should be making rational choices when it comes to snack time, or that there should actually be a snack time...not the all day buffet. I think the eating might be stress related, but even that excuse seems fairly inexcusable.

I put some errands on the back burner today because the price of gas led me to the conclusion that I should wait until tomorrow to do any errands that would be in the direction I was already planning to head in. I guess I thought if I could justify my procrastination that maybe it could be reclassified with a more positive and practical spin.

I am halfway through a great book, and my rationale for curling up on the couch to read this afternoon (aside from being exhausted) was that I will feel a sense of accomplishment when I finish the book. Why can't I hold myself to task anymore (aside from the fact that it's no fun)? Who will do it for me? Where can I turn with all of my random stuff?


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  1. I seriously could have written that - how did you get inside my head? ;)

    At least you have the gift - in a box - on the counter. One step closer to getting it sent out! I still have to dig up some from...ahem...several months ago. ;)

    The clean/hamper shirt battle I wouldn't have battled over at 7:30am, either. Princess Nagger has a bad habit of taking her clothes off in random rooms - so when I do laundry, half her stuff isn't in the hamper. I'm still looking for one of her nicer shirts I was going to have her wear last week. :)

    I've done the same thing - procrastinated on doing some errands because I can wait and do them with other errands on another day...you know, to save on gas. I like your positive and practical spin on the procrastination. :)

    And now suddenly I have the urge to go grab some cookies and finish reading my book. ;)

    Thanks so much for rockin' the random rebellion with me - I'm glad I can be some help with your conundrum of where to turn with your randomness. ;)

    Fun, Rain, DaGeDar and Legendary People - RTT Rebel

  2. I'm with Stacy, that could have been my post as well. But at least you're making lists. Lists are great, even if you don't do anything with them. You tried, and that's what counts.