Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ew, was that Tuesday I just stepped in?

Let's start right in with a couple of things that I found distracting today (before I lose my train of thought again). The first customer that caused me to lose any sense of decent service skills, had lost track of one of her children who I found happily sucking on one of those candy sticks that he had grabbed off our display shelf. Oh, and the stick was still wrapped, and he had some more in his other hand. I was not so much concerned with the possible tainting of goods, due to the low cost associated with them. Rather, I was concerned that he might have been on the brink of an unscheduled tonsillectomy resulting from the extent of his prodding. I am sure that my face was doing screwed up things for at least one or two fleeting seconds as his sister went to join in his discovery. I know I had to ask her three times if the daughter's croissant was to be toasted, and quite honestly still couldn't remember when I conveyed the order to my coworker. My hope was that she was equally distracted and would have better things to concern herself with by the time she got everyone back in the car and to their final destination.

The second distraction came from the woman whose dentures were falling out of place as she was chatting (and chattering) with me. Of course she was very chatty, and unfortunately rather hard to understand. It is not easy to ignore something going on with a person's face when they are less than three feet away.

Speaking of work, a friend of mine texted me this message the other day: "I know you have a 'real' job now, but can you work for me on Saturday?" Unfortunately I was at work at said "real" job, and did not have the time to respond in quite the manner I would have liked. She is a very hard working woman, and has been since we met at age eleven. That being said, I never really felt like she truly understood how I filled my days as a stay at home mom, nor believed that it wasn't eating bon-bons while watching countless hours of soap operas and Oprah. However, I worked nearly full time at a preschool for the past two years, but somehow my coffeehouse gig is the one that classifies as a "real job"? Fascinating.

Moving on to check in with this week's horticultural adventures...
The orchid is still absolutely beautiful, with more blooms to come. Let's move outside though to see if we can find out what these tulips are looking at...must be something over to the right...

Oh, it's probably Iris! She is just lovely, isn't she? My great-grandmother had these in her garden, and they have traveled down to me from my grandmother's and mother's gardens. They are my favorite smelling flower, even though my grandmother says they have no scent.

It amazes me every year how she pulls herself out of there looking so good! So similar to when I drag myself out of my covers every morning..so very similar in an opposite sort of way.

In less dramatic, yet still intriguing, floral news...my aunt gave me this Plumeria twig she bought on QVC...
...let's just keep this one in the back of our minds and hope for the best.

I went on a girl scout camp out this past weekend. There were 18 girls, 6 adults, and 1 part woman-part snoring monster. Those four hours of sleep I did get, laying on the cushion equivalent of a potholder on top of a wooden bunk, were fantastic. The rest of the accommodations were equally as luxurious, including this "sink"-yes, two basins without faucets are better than one...

...and this outhouse (Because really? What's the one thing missing when you are in a hurry to get out a smelly latrine? Yes! A friend to chat with! I can see that you have a square to spare...I can literally SEE you!))

There were also signs that were very helpful to navigate around the park...

If you haven't watched the Justin Timberlake and Lady Ga Ga Saturday Night Live from the other night, do so...'nuff said there. It seems like there was something else I wanted to share...hmmm...oh well, maybe less is more! Wait! How rude...I almost forgot to thank our gracious hostess. I wonder if she brought enough wine for everyone, as I see she has her glass now!


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  1. I missed SNL but I'm about to check out YouTube to catch as much as I can...

    Hav a great night!

  2. You must have the patience of a Saint to keep your cool and deal with that mom and her kids running amok...you're my hero! ;)

    Oh if only we had time to eat bonbons and watch endless hours of TV when we stay at home with our kids... ;) So I wonder if your friend thought of your preschool job as just an extension of your (non-real) 'job' of SAHM, since your coffee house gig is considered a 'real' job? ;)

    Too funny the tulips are bowing to the side - they must be admiring that awesome Iris! :) My mom had purple Irises growing in her flower bed - they were my favorite of all the flowers she had, so I had to plant them in my flower bed, too! :)

    OMG that outhouse is CRAZY!!!

    Thanks for rockin' the rebellion with me - of course there's enough wine for everyone! ;)

    Chicken Salad, Marathon Dog, and I'm a Winner - or is that Wine-r?