Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Whoops, first things first, I just hit the wrong button and posted a blank post. I guess it doesn't get much more random than that! Now I am editing that which I did not write to begin with!

So sleepy...while operating under my self-proclaimed title of stay at home mother/housewife, I somehow managed to clock in thirty-seven hours at a job I guess I actually do have, plus over two hours of cleaning outside of our home, since last Tuesday (which was my last day off before today). I obviously need to have a chat with myself to bring it to my attention that I am not really staying at home. I also feel a slight twinge that my mother of the year award is running the risk of being downgraded to a mere participation ribbon. As for wife, yeah well I didn't pay any of the dues to keep my club membership activated, and am just one step from a "final notice" postcard ending up in my mailbox (after which I can only assume I will receive 5 more mailings with subsequent lower fees).

There was a line from the last episode of Raising Hope that I watched. I don't know what night or channel anything is really on, or I would encourage you to tune in. I just sit down around 9:15 every night, and my husband hits some buttons on the magic remote, and some shows come on. Usually this preempts whatever dude stuff he was watching while I was dispensing with goodnight kisses upstairs. I don't know how he can just flick off something he is watching to put on something completely different...maybe he does love me more than I realize! Anyways, back to Raising Hope...I love Martha Plimpton's character with her same surly voice and attitude she had as Stef in the Goonies. In response to her husband's complaint that she wasn't sharing any glory with him, she said "I'm a maid. I have no surplus glory I can share." That might just be my favorite new quote of all time! Can you leave a "hell yeah!" comment if you've ever felt like that...cleaning lady or not...stay at home mom or not!

Let's keep tabs on my orchid plant, shall we? I'd have posted a photo from when it was in full bloom, but that is how I received the plant, last October. I thought it might be more impressive if I showed that I not only kept the plant alive, but it bloomed again (or at least that's what I'm reeeeeeeally hoping is going to happen). I am rather fascinated by the magic I assume is going on behind those curtains of petals!

I went to the dentist today. I don't really have anything to report on that, but included it in the spirit of randomness.

How come no matter what time I try to send my kids to bed, they aren't actually IN bed until around the same time every week night. The whole thing is just becoming an exercise in how long I want to nag for. If they notice it is on the early side, I guess they move much slower. Is there perhaps some comfort in my droning that lulls them to sleep as part of the routine? Some nights they are spared my mantra because I fall asleep on the couch while trying to give them a five minute head start up the stairs.

I have had the same to-do list for about two weeks now. Even when I am trying, I can't seem to get anything crossed off. I have made store returns, but then just came home with new items that I decide to return. There are some belated birthdays to attend to on the list, but now they were so long ago, that what's one more day, week....oops! I asked the kids if they both had clothes to wear to school tomorrow, and they did--giving me no reason to rotate the laundry (and that task never even made it to the list).

Well it's time for bed, and I have a good page and a half of reading I intend to do before zonking out. The husband is out of town, so the television will not do its magic for me. If I am lucky, I might be able to remember what channel Comedy Central is on in case I wake up in the middle of the night.

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  1. That's too funny you accidentally published a blank page - I've accidentally published non-blank pages, you know, when it's in SERIOUS need of major changes/corrections/deletions. Blank is better. ;)

    I think my Mother of the Year award went up in flames a long time ago. ;)

    Hell Yeah!! :)

    That is a very cool orchid plant! I would have killed it by now. For some reason with house plants I have a black thumb - outdoor plants, definitely green. Probably because Mother Nature waters them when I forget. ;)

    I giggled over your bedtime routine - sounds very familiar here! ;)

    I'm also giggling over the to-do list and belated birthday mode - sounds like we were twins separated at birth! :)

    Thanks again for rockin' the random rebellion with me! :)

    Blogger's Elbow, Fun School Projects - RTT Rebel

  2. I can't wait for your plant to bloom.

    It'll be so beautiful.