Friday, March 25, 2011


So I guess the trend for these past couple of posts has been for the story to not end with my telling of the tale. Luckily the snow that returned did not warrant disturbing Red who was busy resting in the garage. This afternoon there was a letter in our mailbox from the vice president of customer service of QVC confirming that the 2 cameras "we" ordered were shipped to a woman (whose name did not vaguely resemble ours) in Mississippi (which is a long way from New York). What fan-effing-tastic news Dan! I asked my husband if I could send a letter (since I had the complete name and mailing address) to the receiver of goods to tell them I hoped the camera bought with our money was working out well for them. He said "No." Well, actually, he said "I wouldn't do that," so I'm still not sure why I didn't. I asked if calling QVC at the number Dan provided sounded more reasonable, and he agreed.

In addition to her complete lack of empathy regarding our situation, the representative who answered the phone was very eager to explain how they do check when an item is going to a different mailing address and name than the billing one. Um, clearly not all the time. She then told me the letter WAS the alert message that would've triggered the thought that there was a problem if I hadn't known already. I mentioned that the order was back on Monday and today was quite a bit later. I suggested that she pass along a suggestion that they try to do something more proactive to try to keep such things from happening. She then felt compelled to tell me about the very large fraud department that they have there. Gosh, I hope they get paid well for whatever systems they have in place.

This would've really added insult to injury if I didn't already have a better camera than the one we bought Kathy in Mississippi! (say cheese)

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  1. Phoning the call centres won't help you much. You should try sending an email, or even better, an actual letter as high up the food chain as possible at QVC. That gets better results.

    Then you should call the lady who got your camera.