Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Food for thought


So I finally took the .5 seconds involved in figuring out how to post that little do-hickey above. I fear that which I do not know. The following thoughts do have a food theme about them, but are truly in the "random" spirit!

Today's volunteer gig was very momentous as I graduated from the realm of cupcakes in the oven to macaroni and cheese, which obviously required a stove. It was a step up from the beloved blue box of Kraft, not a very tall step mind you, but actual shredded cheddar cheese did come into play. The request was to start with twenty pounds of macaroni. That may not seem like a lot, or even look like a lot in dry form. I am here to report that it IS a lot. I should also mention that just because there is enough room for two five pound bags of pasta in the pot of boiling water, doesn't mean it's a great idea to add it all. One should be certain that Hercules is standing by for the pouring it into a colander portion of the program. I was relieved that there were two of us assigned to the project. However, I was not amused by the gentleman who thought we needed him for consultation...constant consultation. Phew, I am home now, so I can let out a big sigh (complete with eye rolling) about it!

You know it's going to be a tough meal when the produce is mooning you.

I always thought beef jerky was missing something! I can only imagine what kind of performance it actually enhances.

And now, time to relax. However, I am slightly overwhelmed by thoughts (and smells) of produce. I just showered with cucumber soap, used apple shampoo, applied some pineapple body splash, used some nectarine soap for the makeup remnants the shower missed, then tried to tame the dry skin on my hands with some mango lotion. Oh dear, I think I might need another shower!

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