Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It really is Tuesday, isn't it?

I keep thinking today is Wednesday. That is certainly not to say that I have been so productive this week to warrant the passing of an extra day. In fact, the extreme opposite is true. I am hoping that by clearing out the clutter of my random thoughts, I can get myself back on the right calendarical (that MIGHT be a word) track. (Note: If you click on the box, you can link to where the Random Tuesday Thoughts madness starts with the Un-Mom).

Another reason Fozzie hates us is that we do not let him drive the car. As if he could see over the steering wheel like this guy...

I don't really even know what to say about this one. I cannot think of any correlation between one's fanny and this cleaning product. If it was to be worn by scooting tots to dust the floor, maybe...but just maybe.

This hot item was selling in the grocery store check-out aisle for $9.95 (hence us having to settle for just a photo). First of all, I hope there are better hat options available for Kate. Second, is this the barometer by which we are to measure celebrity status? "Well, I thought she was popular, but I can't find her on a paper doll ANYWHERE!" I also thought William was more handsome than that. What do you think they have on under their paper clothes? I didn't check to see if he was boxers or briefs.

I am no longer enjoying the challenge of texting with my antique cell phone. Since I have no keyboard, I am always trying to use words that don't use the same key twice. I will say "great" for something that really might only be "good" because I get discouraged by the wait to hit the same letter key again (and yes, my life does move at such break neck speed that a one second delay is just too much).

What on earth are these mannequins trying to sell me? And what are these boots made for?


  1. Those mannequins are a little scary.

  2. Those mannequins look like they are measuring the size of testicles. Scary...