Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why I'm this blog!

As of late it seems I have far more to say than what fits in the little box on Facebook. Rather than keep these thoughts to myself, where they tend to cause great mind clutter, or continually torture the same people over and over again whose phone numbers are on speed I am. There will be plenty of time for a proper introduction, but right now I have to get today's sighting off my chest.

I was sitting in the dentist office waiting room reading their trashy mags, when I stumbled upon an advertisement that left me looking around for someone...ANYONE I could chat with. No luck. I wrote the highlights down so I could share them here (as I could already see this info went beyond what my Facebook "status update" could handle). It said "Chocolate Chip Cookies and the time to enjoy them"...well it had me at "chocolate", but something seemed amiss...woman, living room, cat, and then the words "less time focusing on litter and doing things you love". It was an ad for KITTY LITTER!!!!! Now I have several issues with this-
1) They tarnished the good name of cookies by associating them with kitty litter.

2) I do not currently own a cat, but I do not recall changing a litter box to be so time consuming as to keep me from baking, let alone eating cookies.

3)If the smell of kitty litter has one so preoccupied, they might need something a little stronger than sugar and butter to bring them down.

4)Somebody got paid to develop this ad, and somebody else got paid to approve it.

Crazy...but maybe it's just me!

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