Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not exactly willpower!

I came home today and needed some instant gratification. Yes, it would've been nice if that could've come in the the form of loving our dogs, but alas, there I was in the snack shack (literally standing just inside the door). I looked up at the 7 tubs of candy-luckily they were closed (I am not usually one to open a sealed package for my own purposes). Then I glanced down into the actual candy jar, but didn't let my eyes focus on any one item.

Anyway...there I stood thinking "Wow! Look at me not eating any of that delicious candy" Then I grabbed a handful of barbecue chips (out of an open bag, of course). On the fourth handful, I was still marveling over how I wasn't eating the candy. The dogs quickly forgave my lack of attention as chip crumbs started inevitably falling to the ground. Still proud of myself for not eating the candy, I grabbed a graham cracker and wandered away. Minutes later I was back in the shack for some dinner fixin's when I spotted the (open) chocolate covered pomegranate seeds. Well how could those count when they weren't even living in either of the two designated candy areas that I had so diligently avoided, and they're so small....so I had about six.

Lay's potato chips sound nasty when they giggle at you!

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