Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Remember that time...

...I thought I might be Irish? My mother and I went to the Irish Festival to celebrate the possibility while we waited for my grandmother's ancestry test results to come back. (Oooh, a link!)
The Blonde Guinness was delightful, as I recall, and I definitely seemed to be among people who shared similar beliefs to my own...
My grandmother's results came in with no big surprises. (Go ahead, click another link, where else do you have to go?) Once I had recovered from the whole business of collecting saliva, my mother figured it was time to get me a kit of my very own. What stuff was I made of? (What personality traits could I explain away in addition to my Italian temper?!) Of course the luck of the Irish would show up for me. I mean, it did make me cringe any time my grandmother would say "boiled dinner", but I also enjoyed reubens and Bailey's.

Drumroll please...

Bonjour, would you like some crepes? Oui...
...but where's my leprechaun?! This seems like perhaps a case of Ancestry (mine) versus 23 and Me (hers) and geographical term technicalities. 

Suffice to say, I still wore green today, right down to my Oscar the Grouch socks!


  1. Boiled dinner!!
    I love a post with lots of links to click on. Click, click, click.
    Thank you for starting my day so much better. :)

  2. I recently sent my spit to 23 and ME and was not surprised with the results of being Irish, Eng and Scottish (except for being 1% Nigerian - and no one know one knows where that came from). A few distant relatives have contacted me from Canada and that was fun to make the connection! BUT everyone should celebrate St Patty's Day - we don't need an excuse to celebrate and have a drink!!