Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Some leftover random

I didn't want to overwhelm and overwow you with last week's return to the random, so I held back a couple of gems. I may have overestimated the danger of that happening, and need not have been concerned.  

In the meantime, I hope that this lost item has been found. 
I think the artistic representation is a little lacking, and it is a shame there was no actual photo for them to use.

President Barbie, Doctor Barbie...
...but she isn't the only one living the dream...
 ...(sigh) Let's keep in mind the actual target audience for Barbie and her friends, or just hope this is intended to have gag gift written all over him and his latte cup.

In one final quest to lower my cholesterol naturally over the next few months, I have traded in my peanut m&m's for Cheerios. GASP! I don't think we need to see a photo of what that looks like, do we?! Then again, you might think it looks like sadness, but that just means you haven't been hanging around here long enough to remember my 2015 love letter to General Mills

I was trying to send my sister a gif. (My name is Andrea, and now that I finally figured out where these are on my phone, I might be obsessed with sending them.) This was not the one I meant to send, but there it went anyway. I am taking it as a sign that the time has come...
...to dust off my cape! Or maybe dust with my cape? Or maybe just dust? There is a chance I have misread some signals, but we'll see where we go!


  1. barista Ken - the world is a sad place. Maybe we need a Tariff Tammy - wasn't there a doll with that name. I hate think what poor Skipper is doing these days...
    Dust? Nah, just close the drapes.

    1. Skipper! With her vintage side-eye...judging us all!