Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Random May

Now that we have confirmed that I still know the alphabet, it is time (once again) to put my rally cap on and try to breathe some life back into this little blog of mine! I need to freshen up the place a bit, some febreeze maybe? Plants always add a little something to an otherwise drab space.
Oh dear!
I didn't realize you could purchase dead artificial plants, but they do look realistic for my green thumb skill level I guess. I think I would like something a bit brighter...
Well those blooms might attract some lovelies!
But Hummer's Galore? That might attract something else all together...something far more creepy!
Maybe I could offer you a snack?
(and a bucket for that little bit of throw up in your mouth?)

I guess we can just try the standards, since a bit of stabbing underwire indicates it is that time again... 
 ...and also...


  1. Those egg chips will not help freshen your blog. You just need to write more. Like daily!! YEAH!

  2. always the creepy clown. Yes, you knew your alphabet!