Friday, October 6, 2017

Walking where?

People around here seem really happy that October has arrived. I too am looking forward to some cooler weather, and crunchy leaves under my feet (now that the initial fear has passed). Then I remembered what one person in particular REALLY likes to do when Halloween is in sight. 

If you are new here, or just have a poor memory, here is my post from two years ago. Go ahead, I'll wait...Last year I decided to put my distaste into song. Take your time, the couch isn't going anywhere. I tapped back into my lyrical genius again this year, and I am certainly not walking in a Winter Wonderland!

Plastic bags crinkle
Are you listenin'?
So much fabric
Some of it glistens
A horrible sight
I am full of fright

This whole situation's out of hand!

Many costumes
Like a whole bunch!
Now I'm hungry
How about lunch?
These plans that you've made
Make me so afraid

This whole situation's out of hand!

We could build a fort out of Milkbones
And for shingles we could use some cheese
If I pretend I actually like it
Maybe this whole thing will be a breeze

I've been Vader 
And a cowboy
A peacock, a lobster
And what now joy?

Oh no, what the cluck!
I'm all out of luck!

This whole situation's out of hand!


  1. OMG the peacock is the funniest! My great grandmother had peafowl on her farm, and they used to scare the s#!t out of me! Imagine you're about three or four years old....those things are taller than you! I remember opening her gate, not seeing them, and when I was halfway down her sidewalk, at least one would turn the corner of the house, run up to me, and spread and shake those dastardly feathers.....

    But at least you're a cute and non-threatening peacock, Foz!!!

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Oh, Foz. That mom of yours is out of control. I like your song, though.


  3. Might as well have the spirit, Foz.

  4. spread and shake those dastardly feathers.....